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Agile People exist to foster debate and discussion around how we can strive to transform organizations to become human platforms with room for passion, purpose, and freedom.

We strive to create environments that will foster learning organizations to innovate and continuously improve when the only remaining competitive advantage is to learn faster than competitors.

We help organizations accelerate the agile transformation by spreading the values of customer collaboration, energizing people, learning organizations, and inspiring leadership. We do this by providing training, a global network of agile people professionals, and coaching to create better organizations.

Since the launch in 2012, our network of facilitators and coaches has grown steadily, and today we have a specialist in almost every corner of the world.”

Agile People AB, Smugglarevägen 1, 42167  Västra Frölunda
+46705284400. [email protected]. Org# 559002-6836

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