Agile People Development


Grow Your Team To The Next Level!

Are you a leader committed to fostering growth in others and creating an environment where individuals, teams, and teams of teams can thrive?

This course gives you insight into cultivating a continuous learning culture that empowers people and elevates results with organizational agility. What the requirements are to create an environment where people grow and develop to be at their best.

Our practical and in-depth People Development course is designed to provide practical and in-depth insights into how you can enable individuals and the organization to reach their full potential by prioritizing a safe learning environment.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to empower individuals as catalysts for agility, harnessing their strengths and potential to drive organizational agility effectively.
  • Cultivate a learning culture by recognizing the significance of continuous development, creating an environment that nurtures ongoing personal and professional growth, and learning techniques to foster a growth mindset.
  • How to hire for elevating, not delegating; to recruit talent that aligns with the organization’s values, goals, and desired culture.
  • How to cultivate a culture of ownership, accountability, and leadership throughout the organization, regardless of formal position or title.

Our course is a dynamic 2-day workshop or 10 engaging 2-3-hour online sessions, leading to a Professional Certification in People Development with Agile People and ICAgile.

Why Choose This Training

If you are a leader who wants to learn to foster growth, create thriving environments, and enable a culture of dynamic learning in your organization, this is the training for you.

Gain the skills to enhance organizational agility and cultivate an environment that values continuous development. Invest in your people and unlock their potential for long-term success.

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Target Audience


 Leaders at all levels who see the value of growing a collaborative, people-centric organization and are committed to developing the people on their teams.

Agile Coaches

Agile coaches want to learn more about the human aspect of agile and to better facilitate effective teamwork and collaboration within organizations.


Consultants that want to deepen their agile understanding to support customers in agile transformations better.


HR professionals at all levels who want to understand and develop people-centric processes and leadership.

Agile People

Curious individuals who seek growth and new challenges and believe in people-centric organizations.

What Differentiates Our Courses & Training Programs

Interactive Learning

Our approach emphasizes interactive group work, enabling participants to learn from one another through shared experiences and knowledge during engaging group discussions.

Professional Certificate

The course leads to a Professional Certification with Agile People and ICAgile. To ensure top-quality learning experiences against proven Learning Outcomes, our courses are accredited by ICAgile, a leading global agile accreditation and certification body.

Agile People Campus

With both the online and in-person workshop, you will gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS), where you can delve into the theory and acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject matter at your phase.

Practical Tools And A New Network

The training will teach you new skills and practical tools while establishing valuable connections. As part of our commitment to your agile journey, we organize regular events to enrich your learning experience further.

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More Course Information

Course Description

Three Perspectives

Learning Outcomes

The online and in-person workshops cover ten key topics and are described more in detail in our Course Description.

The training covers three perspectives; Individual (you), team (we in our group), and organizational (all of us).

ICAgile accredits our courses and programs, and all our courses have a detailed learning outcome.

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