Agile People Trainer license Agreement – Version 2.0


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Trainer/Instructor/Coach (APT)

This agreement has its base in that the future is in agile principles and the fact that we want to do business together. We see that it is beneficial for both parties that we build the Agile People Community. The agreement is “future-focused” as we are working hard to get new and up to date material to our partners. We, therefore, try to have all the legal texts in Appendix A so that we can easily add amendments for future training, classes, events, material, etc. to come.

This agreement (with the signup form below) have these appendices:

  • Appendix A: Legal and obligations, setup and prices
  • Country Category list
  • Change log

Trainer must sign minimum one of the below: Trainer & Instructor or, Trainer or, Coach for HR, and/or Leadership and/or PDV.

We urge you to save a PDF version of (or print) this agreement when you sign up.
To “save” as pdf: 1. Choose print (control or command “P”). 2. As Destination choose “Save as pdf” and click save. It will not make the best look but all text is saved 🙂

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In short

  • Agile People will always keep the Content up to date
  • Agile people will continuously improve the official Content based on your feedback)
  • All content provided from Agile People is protected by copyright
  • Agile People is guaranteeing that all the Content provided do not infringe upon the rights of third parties
  • Agile People will market your courses through social media channels and events/meet-ups around the world
  • Agile people keep track of evaluation scores from your events
  • Option Your event posted and searchable on
  • Option Agile People handles all the tasks and costs related to ICAgile and the certification
  • You will have access to a database with licensed training content, including exercises, cases, articles, and other materials
  • Tools that we provide are free of charge
  • You will have a global network of Trainers with whom you can share & learn
  • You will need to pay to use the Agile People content
  • Your instructor profile will be showcased on
  • You may have opportunities to co-facilitate with experienced Trainers to get started
  • Your event will be posted and searchable on
  • You can buy the Agile People book for a reduced price
  • You need to practice becoming a Licensed Trainer
  • You have to provide email addresses from your attendees
  • You can personalize the Content up to 20%
  • You have to sign at least this Appendix and one more “product” appendix
  • You must add Agile People content-related Training or events in our Tools that are public online and also training that will grant participants certification from ICAgile or Agile People or have access to Campus LMS.
  • You need to accept future versions of this agreement
  • You accept this agreement if you pay your membership
  • You have the possibility to run the Training via Online Delivery. See Appendix E

Agreement                 The signed Agreement with checked appendices
Products                     Agile People Fundamental, Leadership, HR, Coach and Development, future products…
Content                       The content supplied by Agile People to you under the brand name (pdf:s, ppt(x), lms, exercises, presentations, etc.)
Tools                            Workshopbutler, Web pages, Learning Management System (LMS), etc. provided by or via Agile People
APT                               Agile People Trainer, Instructor or Coach
Online Delivery          When an APT deliver Training via digital tools like Zoom, Skype etc.
In person Delivery     When an APT deliver Training in person in a physical environment
Private Course           When a Training is not publicly announced in any way, e.g. in-house trainings for a specific company
Public Course             When a Training is announced publicly via the web, purchased mailing lists, adverts of any kind, social media, etc.


APT – is available in 3 options

As a basis, you have participated in ICAgile training or equivalent Agile People training and passed the Certification Assignment. There are two options.

OPTION 1 – Trainer/Instructor. ICP-AHR, ICP-LEA and ICP-PDV are certification trainings within the Business Agility track from ICAgile-accredited courses. You attend and get approved in an authorization session via Zoom or equivalent online tool and sign an agreement with Agile People to organize and deliver ICAgile certification training. In this option, you will be both ICAgile Authorized Instructor and Agile People Trainer and receive corresponding badges. You can then train participants in ICAgile ICP-NNN training and issue an equivalent certificate to the attendees (certification part is optional for participants).

Qualification for Option 1
You attend an Authorization Session arranged by Agile People to become an ICAgile authorized instructor. The participation fee for the Authorization Session is stated below and will be charged in conjunction with the Session. However, if you agreed to participate in an Authorization Session and cancel your confirmed participation in the Authorization Session, we will not wave this amount (after confirmation, we have fixed cost for Authorization Sessions). If you, for some reason, are not approved as an Authorized Instructor by ICAgile, the agreement is not valid. Fees for the Authorization Session will not be returned or will be claimed in full. The Authorization Session and your instructor license are tied to the Agile People Content. When paying the subscription fee for the Agile People Content, you will be recognized as an Agile People Trainer (APT) and ICAgile Authorized Instructor. You will then be eligible to organize events using the brand Agile People and to use the Content supplied by Agile People.

OPTION 2 – Trainer. You will have a Zoom session (or equivalent) with a member of the Agile People Core team and present your skills and get approved in delivering training. You sign an agreement with Agile People to organize and deliver Agile People training. In this option, you will be Agile People Trainer and receive a corresponding badge. You can issue a “Certificate of Participation” to the participants who also get an Agile People badge.

Agile People will deliver training Content and exercises, tools for handling participants and events, and marketing support.

Qualification for Option 2
You attend a Zoom session held by a team member from the Agile People Core team to walk through your abilities and get a good understanding of the fact that you qualify to be a trainer of the Content. The participation fee for the Session is stated below as Option 2. When paying the subscription fee for the Agile People content, you will be recognized as an Agile People Trainer (APT). You will then be eligible to organize events using the brand Agile People and to use the Content for HR supplied by Agile People. The participant will receive an Agile People HR badge and a Certificate of Participation via our Tools.

Option 3 – Coach
If you choose the option of the Agile People Coach, you are working inside an organization and want to spread the principles and values to every corner of your company. In this role, as the Agile People Coach, you do not deliver public or certification training. 

Qualification for Option 3
You attend Step 1 in your training as described below. When paying the subscription fee for the Agile People content, you will be recognized as an Agile People Coach and have access to the content.

We think that you are passionate about making organizations more agile, engaging employees, and creating value for customers. We think that you like to share your knowledge and insights with other people to make a difference in the world of work.

There are 3 different options with different levels of involvement;

Option 1 – Agile People ICAgile Instructor for training Certification courses
Option 2 – Agile People Trainer – for training Agile People courses
Option 3 – Agile People Coach – for training in-house/in-organisation courses

It is a two-step process to become an APT.

Step 1 includes the training to become an Agile People Coach. It consists of four modules, Fundamentals, HR, Leadership, and Coach (20 online sessions or 4 training days.)

Step 2 is purchased after you have completed step 1. There are two parts – one time fee for Authorization Session(s) for the different disciplines that you want to train and your personal Certificates in addition to the Subscriptions for the respectively Content and Online Delivery. Here you choose whether you want to certify/authorize yourself in Agile People HR and/or Leadership and/or Development.



Agile People Instructor

As an Agile People Authorized ICAgile Instructor, you have a very similar background and aspirations as the Facilitator, but you are also authorized according to ICAgiles requirements for being able to run their certification courses for Agile HR (Agility in HR – ICP-AHR or Agile Leadership – ICP-LEA), you are running your own training sessions, public or in-house, from your own independent company or from a consulting firm. You are a skilled trainer and facilitator and have experience in Agile and/or HR and Leadership roles.

You have skills in coaching, facilitation, mentoring, and teaching. You also want to learn more about yourself and about other people and deepen your skills in the organizational area. You are always looking for ways to improve and learn new things and ways to share your experience and competence. Read more about the Agile People Authorized ICAgile Instructor here

Agile People Trainer

As an Agile People Trainer, you are running your own training sessions, public or in-house, from your own independent company or from a consulting firm. You are a skilled trainer and facilitator and have experience in Agile and/or HR and Leadership roles.

You have skills in coaching, facilitation, mentoring, and teaching. You also want to learn more about yourself and about other people and deepen your skills in the organizational area. You are always looking for ways to improve and learn new things and ways to share your experience and competence.  Read more about the Agile People Trainer here


Agile People Coach

As an Agile People Coach, you are working inside an organization and want to spread the principles and values in the whole organization. You want to bounce ideas and get inspired by a community of like-minded people who have the same goals, to increase business agility and help organizations on their learning journey/transformation.  Read more about the Agile People Coach here


The approach and method to prepare and develop yourself as APT are for you to choose. As a basis, you are strongly advised to co-train with an experience APT at least once to gain experience. We expect you to read suggested literature, attending multiple events or sessions by different APTs, and attending online events organized by Agile People. As a Licensed Trainer, you have the right to participate in events or sessions by any other APT for free (for mutual learning and improvement). Still, the other APTs can set a limit to the number of available seats, and probably require some compensation to cover the costs of catering and contents.

Agile People will provide you with content for all events and sessions using the brand name Agile People. This content is exclusively collected and developed by Agile People and supplied and maintained by our content creators and translators. The content provided by Agile People, including any copyrights and trademarks, is the property of Agile People. Agile People guarantees that we hold the exclusive rights to provide you with a license to use the brand contents. As we strive to continuously improve the courses and related content for the entire community and therefore we highly appreciate your ongoing active feedback and examples of improvements and collaboration and reflections on versions with which you experiment. The use of the content is valid as long as the date of the event you schedule, is in a period that you, as an APT, has a valid agreement (paid period).
APT has no right to use/transfer any Content, except for content from other sources that Agile People uses, into a new “form/brand” without written consent. Any attempt in this direction might be a breach to this agreement and the copyright of the content, and Agile People might file for violation of this agreement in a court of law. See also Termination of agreement.

The Content is made available in PowerPoint original versions for delivery in person. There is also an option to deliver the Content via Online delivery. See more under Online Delivery

The book “Agile People – a Radical Approach to HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees)” is a part of the course and needs to be distributed to the course participants in a book or Kindle version. For the Kindle version, you can order that from Amazon and send that as a gift to the participant, or you can have the participants purchase the book or Kindle version before the training starts with a deduction of APTs training fee to participants.
Original (editable) brand materials are only available for APTs and are not allowed to be made available to others.
Agile People grants APTs permission to distribute read-only (PDF) versions of the Content to participants. N.B. If APT distributes digital versions to participants, APT should always save (setting in the printout) a pdf with two or more pages from the original Content on every saved pdf page, so that we can minimize unauthorized usage of the Content. Ask if you don’t know how this is done.

In return for each evaluation form in our Tools, the participants of an event will receive a Certificate of Participation. You are expected to confirm that the participant has fulfilled the training via our Tools.

If you, as an APT, have been authorized instructor by ICAgile (Option 1), then your attendees can receive a certificate from ICAgile. You are responsible for making sure that the attendee has demonstrated that he/she has enough knowledge to pass the certification. This demonstration of learning is done through the Certification Assignment. The certification assignment can be started during the training and completed after the training is finalized. The assignment can be performed individually or in a team of attendees who have attended the same training event.
In addition to payment for the certificates in she Shop of Agile People, you need to send a list of attendees that should receive a certificate to Agile People containing full name, email address, and company (send to [email protected]

As a basis, you must sign up for either one or more Content. The Online Delivery is an ADD-ON subscription to your Content subscription.

ICAgile requires a different authorization for Online delivery of ICAgile-accredited courses. This is included in Step 1 described above. In addition, Agile People need the same level of expertise to deliver the “non” ICAgile Training provided by Agile People. You need to attend and get approved in an Authorization session and sign an agreement with Agile People to organize and deliver Agile People training. After this, you are licensed to train all Content from Agile People with Online delivery. There are no specific Badges for this.

Why is it special to deliver trainings Online

  • It requires a different skillset as a trainer
  • It requires different setup & tools
  • Technical setup needed for a good camera, sound and bandwidth // Plan B and C if things not working
  • Requires modifications to how we deliver
    • Flipped classroom
    • Videos & Homework between sessions
  • Concepts and theory are delivered via video in between sessions + X number of live, interactive sessions
  • Online sessions are primarily used to facilitate discussions and exercises.

How Online delivery works

  • APT needs to attend Step 1 training delivered by Agile People, where we teach how to deliver online training.
  • APT needs to attend (and pass) the Step 1 training sessions via Online delivery, even if you have participated in an earlier “In-person” or “Online” training. This setup and delivery in STep 1 is special performed to comply to the learning outcomes for Online delivery.
  • APT needs to perform an Authorization session in either/or HR, Leadership och Development.
  • Every online delivery sessions must be assisted by an APT. No Agile People content can be set up by an APT as a part of a “self-study” training.

Online Delivery – Public Course

  • APT set up the training “public” in Agile People Tools and will in addition announce the training in every possible way to get more participants.
  • Due to legal aspects to set price that is the same in EU and most of the world – Agile People will be the legal entity supplier of the training and the sale will be done via Agile People Tools.
  • Agile People will share information about the total income to the APT, together with information about the cost of services. See the details below.
  • From the set prices that you get from a template, Trainer have the right to add an discount up to 10% for “Early bird” tickets and 15% “Group discount” on Online delivery. Access to Tools and templates will be added after signing of this agreement and started the subscription of content.
  • For all trainings that could lead to an ICAgile certificate, the training need to be run via the LMS system. The APT provides Agile People with all necessary information via a provided template.
  • The APT will send an invoice to Agile People of the agreed amount, after the training starts, and Agile People will pay the invoice asap.

Online Delivery – Private Course 

  • If a participant should have the option to receive an ICAgile certificate, the APT needs to register the training in our Tools (as “private”) and deliver the training via the LMS.
  • The price is set by APT and our recommended prices you can find in our templates.

As an APT, you are allowed to personalize and customize the content you use with your own examples and knowledge to a certain extent. You are only authorized to change the version that you have a subscription on. You are not allowed to transfer the content to another media or distribution type. We have two categories of events, a) branded events (meetups, shorter seminars, webinars, etc.) and b) training events and workshops. For the participants to be certified, then min. 80% of that training needs to use the accredited content from Agile People and ICAgile.
For Option 1: If the training you provide is labelled as certification training from ICAgile, they need to meet the Learning Outcomes provided by ICAgile. Our standard content for the ICAgile accredited courses satisfy these learning outcomes.
If you change the content to more than “80%”, you need to send in your new version to [email protected] to provide us with the opportunity to comment on whether or not the content still complies with the learning outcomes. This need to happened before training. There is also an opportunity for Agile People to get new good ideas, and we will ask for permission to use the provided content in future versions. When you add content, you are responsible for guaranteeing that your customizations do not infringe upon the rights of third parties.

Agile People together with APT and professional translators do new versions in local languages. All of these translations are more or less a translated version of the Agile People Original English version. The translated original versions are interested for companies and organisations that have employees in different countries. They are interested of that the Content is the “same” for all participants. For this reasoning we urge you to customize the Content to a minimum.

Agile People is a member organization of ICAgile, and we are regularly contributing to ICAgile tracks and helping out in the developing of the learning outcomes. ICAgile charges Agile People for accrediting courses and if the same course is changed and if the course is available online and to become a member and for every Participant in every course and authorization sessions for becoming an authorized instructor of ICAgile and yearly fee for membership and support. Agile People add administration cost on their invoices depending on the amount of spent time for Agile People and charge this to our Trainers. For every participant AP need to login to ICAgile and find (or set up) the training and add that person to their system and issue a certificate. For category three countries, we do not add any extra administrative costs for participant fees. You find the detailed price below that has an ICAgile Option 1. Change in price (up or down) from ICAgile will have a direct impact on the charged cost to our trainers. Option 1: ICAgile authorization session. As an APT, you can be authorized by ICAgile. This authorization session is needed to be able to certify participants in ICAgiles training.

You are responsible for scheduling events or sessions, their quality, the selection of business partners for logistics, locations, etc. You need to use our Tool(s) for setting up and present your events (could be marketed elsewhere also). This is a better solution for the end customer as all trainings are gathered in one place and customers get a better overview and can buy a best possible option for them. If a customer finds a better suited training (time wise, language etc), all of us gain from this. We all gain from this approach and customers will come in more often to purchase a training via Agile People web-solutions.
If you want to co-train with another person, the other person also needs to have signed, separately, the same version of the agreement with Agile People AB. You will act as the primary contact for all your scheduled events and sessions. To keep all marketing channels up to date for potential customers, you need to inform Agile People ( of new events or courses, changes, or cancellations.

You or your organizing business partners will determine the pricing of events and sessions organized under the brand name Agile People. If you need inspiration about pricing, please align with the others operating in the same market (country) or similar. The alignment of prices will make sure that the whole Agile People Community experiences good business. As a standard, you can always check prices on For pricing on Online Public training see under Online Training above.

You are allowed to use the content in a private event(s) or session(s), and this usage is included in the running fee structure. Option 1: If the sessions you provide are labelled as certification sessions from ICAgile, you need to register them in our Tools as private events, including participants.

The monthly (yearly) fee covers the listings of all your events and sessions on, including their dates and locations. The fee also includes worldwide marketing of the brand. All public training, workshops, public events, and sessions offered under the brand name “Agile People” need to be listed on the Agile People web site and marketed via channels available to Agile People. Direct sales and marketing for your training, workshops, events, or sessions are the primary responsibility of you and your organizing business partners. As we stated initially, Agile People will help market any event through different channels. The idea is that a strong brand in Agile People will make every APT successful.

You agree to provide Agile People with the email addresses of participants of public events. Agile People have the right to use such email addresses to conduct evaluations of events and sessions and Agile people will approach these attendees only for overall messages regarding new interesting information that concern training and development for the Agile People community that doesn’t have a direct message to a specific customer. APT need to inform participants of this.
For private events and meetings, supplying the email addresses of attendees by you to Agile People is optional, except (Option 1), in case they need to be certified by ICAgile or Agile People or used in Agile People LMS system.

Agile People reserves the right to calculate average evaluation scores of events and sessions. You agree to the publication of these ratings, where this is deemed necessary or beneficial. Agile People will make sure that all evaluations and ratings are shared with you. In case the evaluation forms indicate that the quality of an event or session offered by you was insufficient, you will be asked and supported to improve the quality of your work. Agile People reserves the right to terminate this agreement when quality remains poor over a consecutive 3 number of events. No refund of any fees will apply in this case.

We highly value active participation in our network. If you do training sessions, we, therefore, strongly recommend that you teach at least two classes/year of any of the main Products.

You will have access to a platform for communication among trainers about the brand content, events, and sessions, where products and experiences can be discussed, and personal contributions can be shared.

Only individuals can apply to become an APT. The license is awarded to people (individual APT), not to businesses (such as publishers, training companies, or event organizers). This agreement is only valid after signing.

APT may terminate this agreement at any time, but you allow Agile People up to four weeks to adapt and make the necessary changes to repositories, websites, events, and sessions.
Agile People have the right to terminate this contract if APT violates the agreement.
There will be no refund of the subscription fee or other fees that have been invoiced or will be invoiced throughout this agreement (even if the invoice has not been paid). Note that if you choose monthly payment the minimum amount of payments is 12. After signing, the agreement is binding. See also “Evaluation by a participant” that Agile People have the right to terminate this contract if the quality remains poor. When APT pays the fee, they also signed the contract.

Upon termination
If this agreement is terminated, then the following will happen:
In short, you will need to stop using all content from Agile People. You are not allowed to use any content “in a new form/brand” that is influenced by the original content or any marketing material such as pictures etc.

The more extended version: Upon termination of this Agreement, APT shall cease using any content.
If you continue to use the material after this agreement has been terminated, Agile People have the right to force you to:

  1. Delete all copies of such content residing in on or off-line computer memory or cloud sources and destroy all copies of such materials containing content and branding provided by Agile People, which also incorporate Agile People Confidential Information, digitally or on paper. 2. APT shall, within 30 days from the effective date of the termination, certify in writing by APT that all content that the APT has in her/his possession has been returned, deleted, or destroyed.

If you have an email address ending on, this will be terminated. Agile People will set up a redirect service for a minimum of 100 days to your replacement address.

You will receive a lower price on ordered products via the shop in These prices are changed when you become a member and pay your license through For Online training, the cards and games is distributed digital versions to the Participant.

As part of every training, the book “Agile People” or later versions or other books provided by Agile People, is given to the participants in any training. APT needs to send an order on Book(s) to Agile People not later than four weeks before an event to be sure that they will arrive on time. Even if there is a possibility to purchase books directly by APT from Amazon, there will not be a discount if you order via them that way, we cannot handle discounts via Amazon.
APT pays a reduced price per Book, at present 10 Euro per Book (Original and Picturebook) plus freight, and they will be sent either via Amazon or from Agile People. The Book (s) purchased at reduced prices are solely for use as training content (for participants). You can always buy the Kindle version from Amazon and send that as a “Gift” to your participants (no discount). You can also ask the Participant to order the Book him/herself and then deduct the amount from your price of the training (with no discounts from Agile People).
For Online training, the Book is distributed via PDF to the Participant through the LMS system. Either as a whole book or as chapters belonging to the different sessions.

You agree to this agreement, including the corresponding Product Appendix, when you pay for the subscription.
Agile People will charge a subscription fee (see below) per month or as an option per year for regular updates of and continued access to the content. You must subscribe to this service, as long as you are an Agile People Instructor, Trainer or Coach. There is no extra charge per Participant per hour or other use of content.
The agreement is paid every month on a one-month running agreement (one-month notice in addition to the month that you cancel the subscription). The minimum subscription is 12 months. After 11 months, you can cancel the subscription anytime with one month’s notice. You allow Agile People to change the regular fees, with a maximum of 5%, per the calendar year, without the need to update the agreement price list.
The fee of all the signed Appendices/training is invoiced either via credit card (monthly / yearly) or can be invoice (yearly).
There will be a 50% discount if you also signed up for another product license on the subscription fee. You get a 50% price reduction on the “lowest-priced” license.
For example, if you are certified in both Agile People HR and Agile People Leadership and option ICAgile (that have the same price at the moment), the running fee will be for a Country category 1: 125 + 62,5 = Total 187,5 Euro/month.
If you have three products (and so on), the price for the third license will also be 50%, starting with that the highest priced license will be 100% invoiced. See individual prices per license/appendix.

Agile People will upgrade this agreement from time to time. You need to follow the new agreement. If you continue to use our products or services (60 days after every update) you agree to the updated terms of the new Agile People Agreement.
If you do not approve the new agreement version, you can continue to work under the remaining time of the period that agreement version you signed up for, or if that period has ended, you need to stop using the Products at the end of the running month or year depending on what you have paid for.
See more at “Upon Termination”. We urge you to save a PDF version (by doing a print to a pdf) of this agreement when you sign up. Agile People will save all versions of the agreement.

The combination of the words Agile People “something” is a registered trademark ®. The logotype, is also a registered trademark. Agile People AB has the exclusive right to create a new name combination of “Agile People” and addon word(s) after that.
All material originated from Agile People Content must have Agile People Logotype and or Agile People ® visible. See more guidelines in the Agile People Brand Guide. A second source for branding and name of training can be read in “Template LMS setup.”

We recognize that formal agreements are necessary to enable business, but we also agree that we engage in this collaboration with confidence. We who sign this agreement, trust each other’s best efforts and best intentions to make our partnership a success for both parties.

Our vision is to provide all workplaces with the principles, values, tools, and practices that are necessary to be competitive in a complex world. We think that all organizations continuously need to learn and improve. The roles of HR and Leaders are changing rapidly, and we believe that all traditional managers and HR people need to turn into Agile People Coaches, with the necessary competence about basic human needs, behaviors, teamwork, and how to support an emerging strategy towards the organization’s purpose. The old roles are quickly turning into something else, and the competencies that we learned in universities 20 years ago are obsolete and outdated.

An Agile People Coach is more than an Agile Coach, although the basic understanding of agile values, agile tools, and methods, systems theory, and organizations are the same. The difference lies in their more in-depth “people’s perspective” and experience as a leader and/or an HR person in a business, large or small, outside of IT at least part of their career. They need to have the awareness that the secret to success always comes from people’s motivation to create value and that different things motivate different people to perform. How well you can create conditions for people to perform together will affect how much value is created for the organization as a whole. Coaching people to find a place where they can be the best they can be is a core quality for an Agile People Coach.

The Agile People Coach also needs awareness about tools, methods, models, and frameworks, not just for making a software development team perform, but also a regular business department or a management team (where they still exist). Making people work cross-functionally between departments such as Finance, IT, HR, Legal, Marketing, or R&D requires knowledge about new ways of working that will promote communication across usual boundaries – like the Buddy System, Beyond Budgeting or OKR.

Last, but not least, the Agile People Coach needs to have competence around how strategies emerge and adapt and how to involve all people in the organization in the emerging strategy creation. When people continuously improve and learn in a common direction, and when mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, we can create that psychologically safe culture that forms the foundation for a learning organization. Moreover, when people feel safe to be vulnerable in front of peers, we know we have succeeded.

We will continue to develop and support the role of the Agile People Coach and provide them with training, tools, material, content, and network opportunities with likeminded. This is our vision and our contribution to the future of work.

As an Agile People Trainer, you can expect that there will be coming new, updated, and specialized material. We are at the moment busy to developed shorter and longer versions of our popular training. We are releasing the book Agile People in several languages. We will also publish new books that will serve both as marketing and training material.

We are at the moment in the process of doing new content versions of all the training(s). We are also producing content available in a version for Online delivery. We are also add to the family new deepening training(s). We will release a new book later in 2020. We will also introduce new trainings the expand the portfolio of growing Agile People Trainings.

We see you soon – the future is here!

Agile People team 😊




    Fundamentals & HR’
Fundamentals & Leadership
People Development
  Agile People Coach – included in other content
Presentations (training content)   Yes   Yes
Exercises Content   Yes   Yes
Access to the APT network to exchange experiences and learnings   Yes   Yes
YouTube playlists   Yes    
Marketing material   Yes   Yes
Help to market your courses via social media, &   Yes   Yes
Agile People handle certification fees from ICAgile for participants   Option 1 – Yes    
Agile People handle all administration on the ICAgile platform   Option 1 – Yes    
License the Content, use unlimited and get updates regularly   Yes   Yes
The subscription fee (per month) – Euro Country category 1 2 3 1, 2 & 3
Option 1 – Charge per month for Licensed Content *, ** 124 104 69 0
Option 2 – Charge per month for Licensed Content *, ** 104 89 59 0
Option 3 – Charge per month for Licensed Content *, ** 105 90 60  
One time fee – Euro Country category 1 2 3  
Option 1 – Authorization session for ICAgile **** 500 435 395  
Option 2 – Authorization session for Non ICAgile Content **** 250 215 195  
Option 1 – Certification fee – participants become ICAgile Certified *** 90 75 60  
    Online Delivery    
The subscription fee (per month) – Euro Country category 1 2 3  
Content ** 35 30 20  
One time fee – Euro Country category 1 2 3  
Option 1 – Authorization session for Online delivery of ICAgile courses,
Includes “In-person” delivery ****
500 435 395  
Option 2 – Authorization session for Online delivery Non ICAgile Content,
Includes “In person” delivery ****
250 215 195  
Fee per training – Euro Country category        
Setup, Online distribution of Content for Participants, Admin, Handle payments from participants, Support, Digital book, and material delivery ***** 15% 15% 15%  


* There will be a 50% discount on the subscription fee more than one licensed content product. You get a 50% price reduction. For example, if you are certified in both Agile People Leadership and Agile People HR, the running fee for a Country category 1 will be 125 + 62,5 = Total 187,5 Euro/month.
If you have three products (and so on), the price for the third license will also be 50%, starting with that the highest priced license will be 100% invoiced.
** If you pay upfront 12 months (Yearly), then you will get 10% discount.
*** for your participants to get the ICAgile certificate
**** 20% discount for the second Authorization Session.
***** APT invoice Agile People after training start day. Agile People will pay this invoice asap. Certifications fees for participants are not included.

List of Country category – below.

All fees are excluding VAT and are in Euro.


Country category

Country category 1 

Australia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Brunei, Canada, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Iceland, Isle of Man, Israel, Japan, Jersey, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macao, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Saint Martin (Dutch part), San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States (US), United States (US) Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands (British), Åland Islands

Country category 2 

Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Guam, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, United Kingdom (UK), Uruguay, Virgin Islands (US)

Country category 3 

Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbanijan, Barbados, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bouvet Island, Brazil, British Indian Ocean Territory, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curaçao, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, French Guiana, French Southern Territories, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Heard Island and McDonald Islands, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, North Korea, North Macedonia, Northern Mariana Islands, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Pitcairn, Reunion, Rwanda, São Tomé and Príncipe, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Helena, Saint Lucia, Saint Martin (French part), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Georgia/Sandwich Islands, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Swaziland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vatican, Venezuela, Vietnam, Wallis and Futuna, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe

The reasoning for a lower price in certain countries is fairness to follow that country BNP (or similar value). Unfortunately, also, we need to comply with European Union rules and regulations regarding there must be the same price in every EU country.

Change log

1.3 Base agreement for any Trainer

2020-05-10 – 1.31 Change in Country Category
2020-05-24 – 1.32 Add possibility to have Early bird and Group discounts on Online delivery training
2020-06-25 – 1.33 Clarification on “public” training – appendix E
2020-09-24 – 1.34 Clarification on assisted delivery – appendix E. Defining Agile People Coach as a role – appendix A. Clarification of trademark and name of training – appendix A. Changed “Chile” to CC3.
2020-11-26 – 1.35 After some discussions with several Trainers for some time we have added clarifications to several parts of the contract
Agile People is guaranteeing rights to the material (see – Appendix A – start)
Change in how Agile People approach customers (see – Appendix A – “Participants of events)
Changes in formulation on what training must be set up in our “Tools” (see – Appendix A – start)
Add on (small change) for the usage of content (see – Appendix A – the “usage of content by Trainers”)
Minor changes of when you need to send in content if this is changed (see – Appendix A – customization of content by Trainers)
Some more explanation about why we charge extra for ICAgile certificate (see – Appendix A – ICAgile)
Some more explanation about why it’s a good thing that we require Trainers to add courses in our Tools (see – Appendix A – Organization of events by Trainers)
Changes if the agreement is terminated (see – Appendix A – upon termination)
Some new formulation what happens when we release a new version of the agreement (see – Appendix A – New versions of the agreement
Misspelling in 10% added discount for early bird (see – Appendix A – online delivery – how it works)
Changes in formulation on how to register participants in private training (see – Appendix E – In addition to promotion done by Agile People, the APT invites and sends information needed to Participants)
2020-12-05 1.36 Facilitator (APF) becomes Trainer (APT)
2021-01-09 Added some countries to CC 1-3.

2021-02-12 – 2.0 – Major upgrade – Read “again”. Made the agreement with less appendixes and hopefully with better explaining and more of the needed information in one place.

2021-04-22 – Change the option to have an email address.