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Agile People Trainer / Inhouse Coach (APT/APC) 

This agreement has its base in our shared belief that agile principles should guide the organisations and workplaces of the future. Further, this agreement establishes that we (Agile People) and you (the APC | APT) have mutually decided to enter into a business relationship together.

We see that it is beneficial for both parties that we build the Agile People Brand and Community.  The agreement is “future-oriented” based on the understanding that we are engaged in a learning journey together, where we, on our part (AP), are working hard to provide you (APT | APC) with current and up to date resources and training material.

This agreement (with the signup form below) have these appendices:

  • APC and APT – Legal and obligations, setup and prices
  • Changelog

Notice that there is a more common part for both APT and APC of this agreement further down. By signing the agreement above, you agree that you have read and complied with the agreement. You can later do an “upgrade” (or “downgrade”) between APC and APT.

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As an Agile People Trainer/ Inhouse Coach, you are running your training sessions, public or in-house, as an individual, from your own independent company, consulting firm, or employee of a company offering the courses. 

We (Agile People) and our certification partner ICAgile only agree individually with the authorized trainer, not with any organizational entity. 

Therefore, the license to use the Content follows the authorized trainer, not f.ex. the company that is backing them.  

As an Agile People Trainer/ Inhouse Coach, you are knowledgeable about adult learning methods, a skilled trainer and facilitator, and have a background and experience in Agile and/ or HR and Leadership roles. In addition, you have skills in coaching, facilitation, mentoring, and teaching. 

You also wish to develop yourself continually, learn more about yourself and others, and deepen your skills in the organizational area. Therefore, you always seek ways to understand and improve by sharing your experience and competence. 

Becoming an Agile People Trainer/ Inhouse Coach

All APT/ APCs have attended a 20-session program, completed the ICAgile certificate assignment(s), been authorized by Agile People and/ or ICAgile, and signed the Agile People License Agreement.

Agile People will ensure new trainers receive proper onboarding and provide update updates and other information you, as a trainer, need to run our courses.

To deliver the course(s) you are authorized to run, you are obligated to subscribe to the Agile People course content, and you will be approved as an Agile People Trainer/ Inhouse Coach when the subscription fee(s) are paid.

As an Agile People approved Trainer/ Inhouse Coach, you are authorized to run our courses and issue Agile People certificates during the subscription period.

As an Agile People and ICAgile approved Trainer/ Inhouse Coach, you are authorized to run our courses and issue Agile People and ICAgile certificates during the subscription period.


You can access the Trainer Member Page on our website when approved as an Agile People Trainer/ Agile People Coach. All training content and other relevant information are available on the Trainer Member page. Agile People expect you to orient yourself on the page and always ensure you use the latest version of the training you are authorized to deliver.

Terms and conditions for operating as an Agile People Trainer/ Inhouse coach 

The APT/ APC must prepare properly before delivering any Agile People Training. It is recommended to co-train with an experienced APT at least once to gain experience before you set up your first training.

We expect you to read suggested literature, attend multiple events or sessions by different APTs, and attend online events organized by Agile People. 


Agile People will provide you with Content for all public courses using the brand name Agile People. 

This Content is exclusively collected and developed by Agile People and supplied and maintained by our content creators and translators. The Content provided by Agile People, including any copyrights and trademarks, is the property of Agile People. 

Agile People guarantees that we hold the exclusive rights to provide you with a license to use the brand contents. We strive to improve the courses and content for the entire community continuously. Therefore, we highly appreciate your ongoing active feedback, examples of improvements and collaboration, and reflections on the versions you experiment with. 

The use of the Content is valid as long as the date of the event you schedule is in a period that you, as an APT/ APC, have an active subscription. 

APT/ APC has no right to use/transfer any Content into a new “form/brand” without written consent. Any attempt in this direction might be a breach of this agreement and the copyright of the Content, and Agile People might file for violation of this agreement in a court of law. 

See also Termination of agreement. 


The Content is made available in PowerPoint original versions for delivery in person or remotely.

When our books “Agile People – a Radical Approach to HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees)” and “Agile People Principles – Your Call to Actions for the Future of Work” are part of the course material, the APT/ APC need to ensure the right book is distributed to the course participants in a digital version. Upon registration, participants will automatically get access to a digital version of the required books for the course they have registered for. 

Original (editable) brand materials are only available for APT/ APCs and cannot be made available to others. Agile People permits APT/ APCs to distribute read-only (PDF) versions of the Content to participants. 

If APT/ APCs distribute digital versions to participants, APT/ APC should always create a PDF handout with two or more slides per page. This is to minimize the risk of unauthorized usage of the Content. If this procedure clarification, contact the Agile People team about how to create this. 

If training is co-facilitated, the co-facilitator is required to be an Agile People authorized trainer to be able to deliver the course content. 


The APT/ APC are to pay a participation fee for each person participating in an Agile People training course; it applies for all remote and in-person training courses the APT/ APC run in-house or as open training programs.

The participation fee is to be purchased in our webshop preferably before the first day of the training, but latest before the end of the course.


 All participants in an Agile People course, in-person or remotely, must be registered in our Learning Management System (LMS). The course participants will get access to our digital Campus, where we have posted all relevant course material, and our books are available in a digital version.

After completing the training, the participants can be eligible for an (a) Agile People certificate or (b) ICAgile certificate. Both certificates have a unique ID number. The Agile People certificate will be available to the participant in our LMS when they have completed the course. After completing the required case assignments or certification questions, the ICAgile certificate can be purchased on our webshop.

The APT/ APC reviews the certification assignments and ensures the attendee has demonstrated enough knowledge to pass the certification. The APT/APC will purchase the ICAgile certificates for their course participants in the Agile People webshop. Only APT/ APC, authorized instructor by ICAgile, may issue ICAgile certificates.

The certification assignment can be started during and completed after the training is finalized and can be performed individually or with a team of attendees who have attended the same training event.


As an APT/ APC, you can personalize and customize the Content you use with your examples and knowledge to a certain extent. You are only authorized to change the version you subscribe to. You cannot transfer the Content to another media or distribution type. (i.e., your own private LMS) For your course participants to be certified,  min. 80% of that training needs to use accredited content from Agile People and ICAgile. 

ICAgile Certification Courses: If the training you provide is labelled certification training from ICAgile, they must meet the Learning Outcomes of ICAgile. Our standard Content for the ICAgile accredited courses satisfies these learning outcomes. 

If you change the Content to more than “80%”, you need to send your new version to [email protected] to allow us to review and comment on whether or not the content still complies with the learning outcomes. Again, this needs to happen before the course start. 

Agile People may use your suggestion to update the Agile People Course content, though we will ask permission to use the provided Content in future versions. 

When you add content, you are responsible for guaranteeing that your customizations do not infringe upon the rights of third parties. 


Agile People, APT/ APCs, and skilled translators may do new versions in local languages. These translations are more or less translated versions of the Agile People Original English. 

The translated original versions will provide participants from countries with similar course experiences. This is particularly interesting when working with organizations with employees in other countries. For this reason, we urge you to customize the Content to an absolute minimum.


Agile People is a member organization of ICAgile, and we regularly contribute to ICAgile tracks and help develop learning outcomes. 

ICAgile charges Agile People for accrediting courses, authorizing trainers to become ICAgile Instructors, issuing each ICAgile certificate to participants, and a yearly fee for membership and support. 

Agile People handles the administration of these steps and pays and collects the fees for services that fall on the ICAgile Instructor. Authorizations and certification fees are charged via Agile People, and we, in turn, pay these fees to ICAgile on behalf of the ICAgile Instructor. 

For providing this service, AP charges an administrative fee.


As an APT/ APC, you are responsible for scheduling events or sessions, their quality, and selecting business partners for logistics, locations, etc. 

You must use our tool(s) to set up and present your events. You are also free to promote your events via other platforms. However, to ensure that your events are visible via our website, you are always required to set up the training event using the tools provided by Agile People. 

Should you wish to co-train with another person, the other person must also have signed the same version of the agreement with Agile People AB separately. You will be the primary contact for all your scheduled events and sessions. To keep all marketing channels up to date for potential customers, you must inform Agile People ( of new events, courses, changes, or cancellations. 

When delivering online training, we expect you to have a minimum of four participants in the group to secure a good training experience. If you do not get enough participants for your open training course, we recommend you liaise with another training and deliver the training together.


You or your organizing business partners will determine the pricing of events and sessions under the brand name Agile People. Agile People provides APT/ APCs with recommended prices to deliver online training in different countries or contact the Trainer contact in Agile People. 

We request that you please align with the others operating in the same market (country) or similar. The alignment of prices will ensure that the whole Agile People Community experiences fair business standards, and the recommended prices for online training are available on the Trainer Page on our web,


You can use the Content in the private event(s) or session(s), and this usage is included in the running fee structure. However, you are still expected to register all participants to our LMS. 


The annual subscription fee covers the listings of all your events and sessions on, including their dates and locations. The fee also includes the worldwide marketing of the brand. When promoting any Agile People event, you must follow our brand principles. The brand principles are described in our brand manual and available on the Trainer member page on our webpage.

All public training, workshops, public events, and sessions offered under the brand name “Agile People” must be listed on the Agile People website and marketed via channels available to Agile People. 

Direct sales and marketing for your training, workshops, events, or sessions are the primary responsibility of you and your organizing business partners. However, as we stated, Agile People will help market any event through different channels. The idea is that a strong brand in Agile People will make every APT/ APC successful.     


The APT/ APC is responsible for enrolling participants in Agile People Campus. The participants will get access to the training when they register on our website. Suppose the APT/ APC uses another platform for their participants to register. In that case, the APT/ APC is responsible for entering the course participants on the Campus to get access to the course material. Once the course participants are registered on Campus, they will have access for four months.

For the best learning experience, we strongly recommend enrolling all participants in in-person workshops and online courses.


Agile People reserve the right to calculate average evaluation scores of events and sessions. You agree to publish these ratings where this is deemed necessary or beneficial. 

Agile People will ensure that all evaluations and ratings are shared with you. Suppose the evaluation forms indicate that the quality of an event or session you offered needed improvement. In that case, you will be asked and supported to improve the quality of your training.

Agile People reserves the right to terminate this agreement when quality remains poor over three out of five consecutive training events. No refund of any fees will apply in this case. 


We highly value active participation in our network. If you do training sessions, we strongly recommend you co-train at least two classes/year of courses you are authorized to deliver. 

You will have access to a platform for trainer communication about the brand content, events, and sessions, where products and experiences can be discussed and personal contributions can be shared. 


Our courses can be delivered as remote training or in-person workshops. As an APT/ APC, you must follow the required minimum hours specified for respective training.

Online delivery of courses requires a different approach and skill set than in-person delivery of courses. Agile People courses as online classes are delivered in a flipped classroom format. The content theory is available for self-study via the Agile People Campus LMS, and the trainer guides participants in their learning via online sessions. 

Agile People requires you to demonstrate this expertise to deliver our courses online. For APT/ APC– ICAgile also requires additional authorization (remote) to deliver ICAgile-accredited courses. 

The APT/ APC must have the right equipment for delivering a trainer. The workshops require you to have material to deliver dynamic workshops. The online delivery requires you to have the technical setup needed; a good camera, sound, bandwidth, and a digital canvas.

No Agile People course content can be set up by an APT/ APC as a part of a “self-study” training using other external LMS solutions. 


Payments of subscriptions to licensed content are also viewed as confirmation of the agreement. 

Our subscriptions are flat recurring fees, paid on an annual basis chosen upon ordering, plus an Agile People certification per participant, and the minimum subscription is 12 months. Should you wish to cancel, you may do so after 11 months. 

Agile People reserves the right to review and change the fees periodically, with a maximum of 7%, per calendar year, without updating the product price list. 


APT/ APC may terminate this agreement at any time, allowing Agile People up to four weeks to adapt and make necessary changes to databases, websites, events, and sessions. 

Once the APT/ APC has signed up for the content subscription through our webshop, the agreement will automatically be renewed. However, the APT/ APC can, at any time, terminate the subscription to the licensed content as described above.

Agile People can terminate this agreement if the APT/ APC violates its terms. There will be no refund of the subscription fee or other fees that have been invoiced or will be invoiced paid by credit card (or similar payment method) throughout this agreement. 

Agile People also reserves the right to terminate this agreement should the quality of course delivery remain poor. 

Upon termination 

If this agreement is terminated, you must stop using all Agile People content immediately. You cannot appropriate or use Agile People branded content to create a new “form or brand” influenced by the original content. 


The live version on our website is always the most current version of the agreement. 

Agile People reserves the right to review and update this agreement periodically. As with most similar agreements, your approval of updates and changes is assumed, with the option to submit feedback and/or opt-out should you need to. 

Continuing your use of our products (60 days after every update) is taken as automatic consent to the updated Terms of the Agile People Agreement. 

Suppose you do not approve the new agreement version. In that case, you can continue to work under the remaining time of the period that agreement version you signed up for, or if that period has ended, you need to stop using the Products at the end of the running month or year, depending on what you have paid for. 

See more at “Upon Termination”. When you sign, we advise you to save a PDF version (by printing to a pdf) of this agreement. 


The combination of the words Agile People and “something” is a registered trademark ®. The logotype is also a registered trademark. Agile People AB has the exclusive right to create a new name combination of “Agile People” and add-on word(s) afterwards. All material originating from Agile People content must have the Agile People Logotype and/or Agile People ® visible. See more guidelines in the Agile People Brand Guide. A second source for branding and the name of training can be read in “Template LMS setup.” 


We recognize that formal agreements are necessary to enable business, but we also agree to engage in this collaboration built on confidence and consideration. 

We who sign this agreement trust each other’s best efforts and intentions to make our partnership successful for both parties. 

Change log 

1.3 Base agreement for any Trainer 

2020-05-10 – 1.31 Change in Country Category 

2020-05-24 – 1.32 Add the possibility to have Early bird and Group discounts on Online delivery training 

2020-06-25 – 1.33 Clarification on “public” training – appendix E 

2020-09-24 – 1.34 Clarification on assisted delivery – appendix E. Defining Agile People Coach as a role – appendix A. Clarification of trademark and name of training – appendix A. Changed “Chile” to CC3. 

2020-11-26 – 1.35 After some discussions with several Trainers for some time we have added clarifications to several parts of the contract 

Agile People is guaranteeing rights to the material (see – Appendix A – start) 

Change in how Agile People approach customers (see – Appendix A – “Participants of events) 

Changes in formulation on what training must be set up in our “Tools” (see – Appendix A – start) 

Add on (small change) for the usage of content (see – Appendix A – the “usage of content by Trainers”) 

Minor changes of when you need to send in content if this is changed (see – Appendix A – customization of content by Trainers) 

Some more explanation about why we charge extra for an ICAgile certificate (see – Appendix A – ICAgile) 

Some more explanation about why it’s a good thing that we require Trainers to add courses in our Tools (see – Appendix A – Organization of events by Trainers) 

Changes if the agreement is terminated (see – Appendix A – upon termination) 

Some new formulations of what happens when we release a new version of the agreement (see – Appendix A – New versions of the agreement 

Misspelling in 10% added discount for early bird (see – Appendix A – online delivery – how it works) 

Changes in formulation on how to register participants in private training (see – Appendix E – In addition to promotion done by Agile People, the APT invites and sends information needed to Participants) 

2020-12-05 1.36 Facilitator (APF) becomes Trainer (APT) 

2021-01-09 Added some countries to CC 1-3. 

2021-02-12 – 2.0 – Major upgrade – Read “again”. Made the agreement with fewer appendixes and hopefully with better explanations and more of the needed information in one place. 

2021-04-22 – Change the option to have an email address. 

2021-10-26 V3.0 – Major upgrade – recommend reading all. Overall, the Trainer and Coach setup to harmonize new trainer options. Changes to make the agreement easier to read and understand (we hope) 

2021-11-12 V3.1 – New graphical changes. Fixed spelling mistakes. 

2023-03-17 – 3.2 Major upgrade – Read “again”.

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