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In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, delivering an exceptional Employee Experience (Ex) is vital for attracting and empowering talent. As organizations strive to become more flexible and agile, HR must evolve and align its people practices with organizational needs.
Our practical and in-depth Agile HR course provides valuable insights into the principles of Agile HR, enabling you to enhance flexibility, responsiveness, and adaptability within your HR function. By adopting an agile mindset, embracing new ways of working, and leveraging practical tools, you’ll proactively navigate the fast-paced nature of modern business, meeting the ever-changing needs of your employees and the organization.

What you'll Learn:

  • Develop a new mindset and co-create processes that make your organization an attractive employer and drive high performance.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to implement people-centric and value-based practices, fostering a culture of engagement.
  • Discover how you can design your HR practice to excel in attracting, developing, and retaining talent while facilitating organizational learning.
  • Explore the transformative shift of HR’s role in progressive companies towards a coaching role that serves the entire organization and promotes continuous learning.

Our course is available as a dynamic 2-day workshop or ten engaging 2-3-hour online sessions, leading to a Professional Certification in Agility in HR with Agile People and ICAgile.


Why Choose this Training

Whether you’re an HR professional looking to deliver an exceptional Employee Experience (Ex) or an individual seeking to elevate your career, this course is designed for you. Gain new knowledge, capabilities, and a strong network while enjoying a stimulating learning experience. Our interactive group sessions encourage sharing experiences, discussions, and hands-on learning through our Learning Management System (LMS).

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1-day in-person workshop,
or 5 online sessions



Interactive Learning

Our approach emphasizes interactive group work, enabling participants to learn from one another through shared experiences and knowledge during engaging group discussions.

Professional Certificate

The course leads to a Professional Certification with Agile People. To ensure top-quality learning experiences against proven Learning Outcomes, our courses are accredited by ICAgile, a leading global agile accreditation and certification body.

Experience the training as a Workshop or Online

With both options, you will gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS), where you can delve into the theory and acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject matter at your phase.

Acquire new skills, Practical tools, and Expand Your Professional Network

You will gain new skills and practical tools with the training while forging valuable connections. As part of our commitment to your agile journey, we organize regular events to enrich your learning experience further.

Agile People HR - Course Description

Agile People HR consist of one or two different courses. The base of this course is HR, divided into five sessions (HR). 
In addition, there could be either five sessions from Agile People Fundamentals (Fundamentals) or five sessions from Business Agility Foundation (BAF), depending on your chosen course and trainer.
See more details on the
course calendar.

Session H1: Evolving HR’s Role for Business Agility
Reimagine the role of HR in supporting organizational agility and adaptability. Explore designing talent and people practices to facilitate agile transitions, including job titles, competency profiles, career paths, and succession planning. Identify pain points in the employee journey and discuss real-life examples and cases.

Session H2: Applying Agile Tools and Practices in HR
Discover how HR can leverage agile methods such as Scrum, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, and OKRs to enhance effectiveness. Learn how to craft user stories for HR, adapting them for talent and people processes. Explore real-world examples and case studies of Agile HR implementation.

Session H3: Agile Performance Management and Compensation
Reimagine traditional performance management practices through an Agile lens. Enhance accountability, growth, and performance by embracing Agile thinking. Discuss different approaches to incentive structures and their pros and cons, and explore their application in your specific context.

Session H4: Agile Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
Develop strategies for sourcing and acquiring talent aligned with the organization’s strategic growth. Consider values, culture, diversity, and collaboration in hiring decisions. Design an onboarding experience that facilitates rapid integration and alignment with the organization.

Session H5: Agile Learning and Development and Employee Engagement
Promote a learning mindset within teams, focusing on skill development and capabilities. Explore motivational tools suitable for your context and understand the evolving landscape of employee engagement surveys.

Agile People Development

Upon completion of the Agile People Fundamentals course, you can obtain the ICAgile certificate ICP-AHR, typically acquired alongside this course.



Agility in HR

By enrolling in this course, which combines Agile People Fundamentals and Agile People HR, you will be awarded the following certificates and badges.



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