We plan to show various upcoming “short movies” describing Agile People core values on social media (e.g. LinkedIn). In our first attempt we are interested in your opinions as we would like more input on how this is best done (before launch).

The video below contains 4 “variants” of movie backgrounds for the same message — a short 3 seconds black screen break between each variant.

We would like to know which film you think best suits the message. Please answer with what movie you think was best illustrative of the respective message. 

The final edit will also include text readability and alignment. Feel free to make more general comments and suggestions in the free text field below.

Thank you for taking the time to help us at Agile People succeed 🙂

What video..
Human view X
Human view Y
Conditions in the system
How you view people

Should the video be “silent” or add some music in the background? Example video below. Make a comment above what you think 🙂

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