Are you passionate about making organizations more agile, engaging employees and creating value for customers? Would you like to share your knowledge and insights with other people to spread the word and make a difference in the world of work?

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Agile People is a global community of passionate people who all love people and agile.

What is an
Agile People
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Our Trainers and Coaches are all passionate agile representatives from the whole world. Together, we are spreading the agile values and changing organizations for the better, in every corner of the world. As a trainer you will get a deep understanding for agile methods, processes and tools and for how these can help individuals, teams and organizations to seize their full potential.You will, in addition to, presentations, 25 video films and a number of exercises, also get access to all our pictures to be used for everything from your own presentations to marketing and social media post

What we do
Agile People
Coach / Trainer

“We cannot solve today’s problems using yesterday’s tools and methods”

World class training material

We collaborate with global agile-experts to provide the most cutting-edge content for you. With more than 10+ years of being one of the thought leaders in the world of Agile HR and Leadership, Pia-Maria Thorén continues to add all her knowledge and experience into content and training material. All our training material is continuously updated to always reflect the latest trends and ways of working.

The Agile People Community

As a trainer, you’ll be a part of the network around Agile People, a global community of professional agilists who work to help all types of organizations increase business agility. Agile People is supporting an Agile Community via several meetup groups around the world. We are now in 8 countries with 12 meetup groups.   We are a sponsor for the Agile People Sweden Conference that is now in its 8th consecutive year. 

Experimental Learning

We believe in learning by doing. We collaborate with our trainer, create and experiment together.   We continuously seek innovation in how to teach and collaborate.  Helgi Gudmundsson, Director of Trainer Experience, believes that the key to innovation is to explore how ideas, methods, and principles can be spread across boundaries and combined into fresh, new solutions, strategies and methods. 

Having fun is essential

We have fun together - inside and outside of the classroom.If we asked our trainers what the most fun, latest happening has been, most of them say “when we wrote the Agile People Manifesto”. Will you join us for our next gathering? 


We hope you find your answers on this page. If not, contact us, and we will guide you through the steps to become an Agile People Instructor.

Follow these steps

1. Fill out the Agile People Trainer application form 2. Review the License Agreement 3. Register for training below 4. Attend an onboarding session 5. Start planning for your own Agile People workshops or just start using your new knowledge

Steps to become an Agile People Trainer

Together, we take the next steps and support you to get up to speed with Agile People. There are some different options and you can read more below

A quick peek at your investment

What would be your investment to become an Agile People Coach, Trainer or Instructor? Here are some different options.

The License Agreement

Rather boring. Not our purpose. But a few of us want some structure and order in our lives 😉 In the License Agreement, you find all the details, costs, and some ideas for the future!

There are 3 different options with different levels of involvement if you want to become an Agile People Coach:

  1. Agile People Coach (in-house coach subscription to network and content)
  2. Agile People Trainer for running public/in-house courses in-person/online
  3. Agile People Authorized ICAgile Instructor for Certification courses

Read more about the different options by click on respectively the image below

Agile People Coach

Agile People Coach (in-house coach subscription to network and content)

Agile People Trainer

Agile People Trainer for running public/in-house courses in-person/online

ICAgile Instructor

Agile People Authorized ICAgile Instructor for Certification courses


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