Alignment and autonomy – it needs to be a mess

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short LinkedIn post on alignment and autonomy as being a polarity and not an either-or situation. I got good feedback and reflections on this. Below I will explain my reasoning on why I view these as a polarity to each other and more how to find strategies to […]

The Path to People-Centric Leadership Begins with Yourself

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the foundation of organizational success has shifted significantly. It’s no longer just about innovative strategies or cutting-edge technologies; the true cornerstone is its people. Embracing people-centric leadership, which values empathy, empowerment, and teamwork, is core in the most successful companies. This approach fosters a vibrant workplace culture and improves […]

Coaching for Collaboration

Introduction This case study examines the transformative journey of a newly formed cross-continental Leadership Team (LT) with a few new members and new roles within an organization. The leader recognized the need for improved collaboration, trust-building, and coaching culture development. They embarked on a systemic team coaching intervention to address these challenges, engaging the expertise […]

Rethinking Recruitment – Embracing A Skills-First Approach

The employment landscape is rapidly transforming, driven by technological advancements, shifting market dynamics, and evolving workforce expectations. Traditional talent strategies may no longer suffice in this dynamic environment, compelling employers to reimagine their recruitment methodologies to maintain a competitive edge.   Understanding the Need for Skills As the demand for skills grows, companies are shifting […]

What Is Agile HR?

What Is Agile HR?   Why HR need to change? The ability to adapt and respond quickly to changes in the marketplace is increasingly essential for companies. Acting faster and being more innovative than your competition is a competitive edge. Successful companies have an engaging employee experience and constantly work to attract, develop, and retain […]

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