ENGLISH: Agile People Fundamentals + Leadership (ICP-LEA)

2021-09-23 09:00 —
2021-10-26 13:00 BST
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Agile People Leadership (ICP-LEA) - 5 online sessions

“I had the pleasure of participating in the Agile HR and Leadership program run by Project X Partners and I must admit it was a wonderful learning experience. Most of all, I appreciated the practical and interactive approach of the training meetings, conducted brilliantly by Julia, Sarah and Simone. Now I can say not only to have a better understanding of the agile methodology but also many practical tools that I can use in my work” HRD Save the Children

Today the most progressive companies have changed the formal management role to a more servant leadership role, realizing that people are most productive, creative and happy when they have personal control over their own lives and the ability to be leaders of their destiny, private or work-related. In these organizations, everybody is expected to be a leader, so there is paradoxical, a lot more leadership there.

This training leads to an ICAgile Certification in Leading in Agility (ICP-LEA) - read more under FAQ below

Although the changed view on leaders and of the formal manager role is far from mainstream today, many organizations are experimenting with alternative structures, replacing budgets with forecasts and dynamic resource allocation, to create the best possible value. The role of managers is changing rapidly and also, the role of HR is under tremendous change, from focusing mainly on policies and processes to understanding that the future for HR lies in creating conditions for people to perform and be happy. By removing impediments, we can instead maximize engagement and employee satisfaction that will fuel speed and adaptability in a common, strategicction.

The question is, where do managers and HR go from here? What will become of them, when everybody seems to be able to lead themselves? Will they slowly become obsolete when information and knowledge are transparent for everybody and power is not anymore in the hands of a few "talents" who were promoted because they were seen as "HIPOs" in a world where people were judged in a yearly performance review? Or is there an alternative future role that would be the natural step when leaving the process-oriented and transactional leadership style in favor of ways of working more suitable for a complex reality?

Regardless if you are a people manager, an agile coach, a line manager or an HR professional, you need to understand how people strategy and people operations need to change when working in a company embracing the agile value structure.

Time Frame

The program is made up of 5 self-paced learning modules that compliment the 5 interactive online sessions. The self-paced learning modules include: Individual Workbooks, Videos, Articles, Case-Studies, Slack Channel and Agile People book.

5 online sessions beginning Thursday 23rd September 2021 until Tuesday 26th October 2021

Each session is 4 hours and runs between 09:00 - 13:00 UK time





09:00 - 13:00

Agile Fundamentals 1 - Introduction to Agile, Agile Principles and Psychological Safety


09:00 - 13:00

Agile Fundamentals 2 - Creating conditions for Change and Growing and Agile Culture


09:00 - 13:00

Agile Leadership 1 - Individual perspective (YOU) Knowing yourself and why you do what you do


09:00 - 13:00

Agile Leadership 2 - Perspective towards the environment (OTHERS) and you knowing others


09:00 - 13:00

Agile Leadership 3 - Organisational Perspective (ALL OF US)

Target Audience

The target audience for this training includes people working within HR organizations in companies transforming to more Agile ways of working. Their current responsibilities may include aspects such as people development, recruitment, performance management, compensation, and employee engagement/motivation.

Organizational development consultants hiring managers and Agile transformation leads exploring the people, and structural aspects of transformations will also find this curriculum compelling.

This book written by Pia-Maria Thoren is included in digital format.

Agile People Fundamentals 1: Introduction to Agile People and important principles/tools

In our first session we explore Agile People Principles & Tools. We look at the Agile mindset and the principles and values that underpin it. We also look at Agile methods and tools that we need to start using to increase business agility. We also cover Psychological safety as a foundation for a learning organization. We play "The Psychological Safety Game" to facilitate dialogue about difficult topics. During this session, we also discuss your challenges and personal learning goals to ensure the sessions are tailored in such a a way that you have an AWESOME learning experience. We discuss your challenges and certification assignment

Agile People Fundamentals 2: Creating Conditions for Change and Growing an Agile Culture

We look at emerging strategies instead of long-term planning, and new ways of working with strategy, budgets, goals, performance processes, and rewards. We explore how to create conditions for a fantastic culture where people can perform at their optimal level with a sense of being supported and secure. We look at the Agile principles of Boundary Spanning and the Buddy System to increase cross-border collaboration and increase the opportunity to create a fantastic organization together. We discuss tips, examples & practical ways to move forward in the change journey and how HR and managers need to change their role to support it.

Agile People Leadership 1: Understanding yourself as an instrument for Agile Change

We look at how your leadership style can express itself through understanding your own motives, needs, purpose andntity. We explore how you are an instrument for change and agility, we look into effective communication and we explore how to communicate through storytelling.

Agile People Leadership 2: Leading through the perspective of others

We look at how you are able to help others find their perfect place in the organisation by taking their personality and situation into account. We deep dive into effective conversations, we look to understand their impact and we explore how to build long lasting relationships and organisational agility as a result.

Agile People Leadership 3: Organisational and systemic understanding of Agile Leadership

We look at how to balance an Agile culture with an Agile structure, providing support for emerging strategies where all people are involved in setting thection of the organisation. We explore how to work to change behaviours and accomplish an Agile mindset and culture through removing limiting structures.

ICAgile Certified Professional - Agility in HR (ICP-LEA)

This training is certified by International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.

Upon completion of the course and submission and approval of your course assignment, you will receive (knowledge) certification in ICP-Agility in HR.

Learn more about ICAgile ( https://www.icagile.com/ )

Online Delivery

This course will be delivered online. Prior to our first session, you will receive access to the Agile People Learning Management System where you will access all of the course content, workbooks, and supporting materials.

We are working with Zoom for live sessions, Mural as a digital canvas for collaboration, Trello for keeping track of the agenda items and exercises, and Slack for communication between the sessions.

We will provide you guided information to access all of the various tools prior to our first session as well as on-going throughout the experience.

There will be some work to be done after every session, so this class will need your full attention during these 5 sessions. The certification assignment can be accomplished in the time between the sessions so that you will be ready on the day of the last session. But in this intense tempo, we recommend that you do the assignment after the training has stopped.

Events cancellation policy

If you should have to cancel your registration, notification in writing should be sent to [email protected]. Please make sure you state the name of the conference/event in the subject line of your email.

  • The online course requires a minimum number of attendees to happen (quorum)
  • Confirmation of the online course will be sent to all registered attendees as soon as the quorum is reached and, in any case, not later than one week from the beginning of the course

The cancellation policy for registered attendees is:

  • for cancellations received no later than 2 weeks before that start of the course, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded
  • for cancellations received no later than 1 week before that start of the course, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded

No refund for cancellations received one week or less before the start of the course. The attendee will still have access to all training material and to the e-learning platform; the attendee will be allowed to join a future edition of the same course at no extra charge.

An attendee may transfer their registration to another person, as long as the request is received by the organizers not later than 24 hours before the start of the course.

In case the organizer is forced to cancel the entire course because the quorum was not reached: registered attendees will be refunded in full.

In case the organizer is forced to cancel part of the course due to force majeure and the training sessions cannot be rescheduled: the attendees will be refunded for the number of training hours that were cancelled.

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