[English] Agile People Fundamentals + HR (ICP-AHR) [Online]

[English] Agile People Fundamentals + HR (ICP-AHR) [Online]

[English] Agile People Fundamentals + HR (ICP-AHR) [Online]
2023-06-01 17:30 —
2023-08-03 19:30 IST

ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile

In this course, we are exploring HRs new role in an Agile organization!


Today the most progressive companies have changed the HR role to a more coaching role serving all the people, not just management. Although this changed view of the formal HR role is still not fully mainstream today, many organizations are experimenting with alternative structures, ways of working (like Scrum), and people practices that allow a truly Agile culture to thrive.

You will leave this experience having gained both knowledge and practical skills to bring forward new ways of working and being that place HR in a leading position to creating lasting change, engagement, and a truly empowered workplace.

Time Frame

The program covers 10 intensive sessions - 1 session per week every Thursday - beginning 1 June and ending 3 August - 17:30 - 19:30 (GMT +5:30)

Check your timezone using https://worldtimebuddy.com

F1 - F5 across June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, July 6

H1 - H5 across July 13, 20, 27, August 3

There will be some work to be done before and after every session, so this class will need your full attention during these intensive days.

Target Audience

The target audience for this training includes people working in an HR role in organisations transforming to more Agile ways of working. Their current responsibilities may include aspects such as people development, recruitment, performance management, compensation, and employee engagement/motivation. They could even have specialist roles or HR Business partner roles to mention a couple.

Organisational development consultants, change managers, hiring managers and Agile transformation leads exploring the people, and structural aspects of transformations will also find this curriculum compelling.

These books written by Pia-Maria Thoren are included in digital format.

Program Content

Agile People Fundamentals

Session F1: Introduction to Agile People and important principles/tools

The foundation of Agile People's' mindset is about the principles, values, methods, and tools that we need to start using to release competence and innovation – and what we stop doing. We discuss your challenges and certification assignment.

Session F2: Psychological safety as a foundation for a learning organisation

The importance of an approach that is permeated by security and confidence to increase profitability and innovation – to increase creativity through a culture where it is ok to fail and try again. We play "The Psychological Safety Game" to facilitate dialogue about difficult topics

Session F3: Structuring the organisational ecosystem

Emerging strategies instead of long-term planning, new ways of working with strategy, budgets, goals, performance processes, and rewards. Using value stream mapping to optimise flows in a system instead of working with resource optimisation and sub-optimisation of departments.

Session F4: Growing an agile culture

Creating conditions for a fantastic culture where people can perform at their optimal level with a sense of being supported and secure. The gap between structures and culture/values. Structure – Culture Misfit Role Play. The importance of country culture for an Agile transformation.

Session F5: Creating Conditions for Change

Today we are challenged as people and as organisations to be much more responsive and adaptable, to have the capacity to navigate in complexity. How can we make sense of things when things keep changing, how can we make decisions and act when most of the time we don’t have all the information we need and create conditions for change?

Agile People HR

Session H1: How HR's role is changing when we need to increase Business Agility

Design the talent/people elements needed to help support an Agile transition in an organisation and explain how different contexts can influence the approach to be taken. Job titles, competency profiles, titles, career, succession - how do we do it in an agile organisation? User stories for HR and a T-shaped HR-person. Employee Journey mapping - pain points. Examples and cases.

Session H2: How HR can use tools and practices from Agile.

Using Scrum, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, and OKRs for HR is not so different from using it for Software development. What are examples, and how can you design talent/people processes using the agile ways of working? User stories for HR - what do they look like? Examples and cases of Agile HR in reality.

Session H3: Goals and Performance Management and Compensation and Benefits
Appraise current performance management practices and identify ways of bringing Agile thinking to enhance performance, accountability, and growth. 95/5 Exercise. Describe and contrast traditional incentive structures with Agile-friendly structures, discuss the pros and cons of each approach, and explain how you could apply them to your own environment.

Session H4: Talent Acquisition and onboarding

Design a sourcing strategy that can be used to find and acquire the "right" people to support the strategic growth of the organisation taking values, culture, diversity, and collaboration into the hiring decision. Design an onboarding experience that enables new employees to become a part of the organisation rapidly and smoothly.

Session H5: Learning and Development and Employee Engagement
Suggest ways to enable and support a learning mindset in a team, supporting the shift from a focus on deficiencies to a focus on the development of new skills and capabilities. Recommend different motivational tools to be applied in a context and describe how the traditional employee engagement survey is changing.

ICAgile Certified Professional

This training is certified by International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), a certification and accreditation body.

Upon completion of the course and submission and approval of your course assignment, you will receive (knowledge) certification in ICP-Agility in HR.

Learn more about ICAgile ( https://www.icagile.com/ )

Course leader

Your course leader and facilitator:

Sarika Kharbanda is a global lean change agent and change hacker who

1) influences organizational culture through artful interventions
2) explores how to nudge change forward by understanding and valuing different perspectives
3) believes and lives being comfortable with uncertainty and complexity.

Sarika has more than 22 years of experience and has been instrumental in leading change transformations globally across Singapore, Poland, the Nordic countries, Europe, UK and India within technology, insurance and financial sector.

Sarika is the host of 2 talk shows "Perspectives of Change" and "SpodKast".

Sarika has also started a YouTube channel on the 15th Feb 2023. You are welcome to join her there too!

Anja van Beek is an agile talent strategist, leadership expert and coach who partners with leaders and HR teams on all people-related aspects with a specific focus on adopting an agile mindset and integrating agile principles and practices.

Anja has more than 20 years of corporate experience. She has led multi-national teams through transition and change management. This ex-sage HR Director founded her own consulting and coaching practice in 2017.

Anja is a guest speaker on a national talk show "World of Work" and her articles appear regularly in prominent HR and business outlets.

Online Delivery

This course is available online. Prior to our first session, you will receive access to the Agile People Learning Management System where you will access all of the course content, workbooks, and supporting materials.

We are working with different virtual tools eg. zoom and Mural. We will provide you guided information to access all of the various tools prior to our first session as well as on-going throughout the experience.

The certification assignment can be accomplished by you choosing either one of the below.

1. in the time between the sessions so that you will be ready with assignment submission on the day of the last session. OR

2. within one month from the completion of the training

2023-06-01 17:30 —
2023-08-03 19:30 IST
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