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Discover the APP: Grow People, Adaptability & Focus – Live session

A panel discussion between three authors.
Very interactive, creative and Fun session with 3 awesome facilitators: Rishita Jones, Tamara Molinas & Alize Hofmeester
Learn about the Agile People Principles and the value they can bring to your day to day professional and personal experience.

Join us and bring the principles to life.


Sep 09 2020


10:00 - 10:45

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Stockholm
  • Date: Sep 09 2020
  • Time: 12:00 - 12:45

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Interactive Session


  • Alize Hofmeester
    Alize Hofmeester

    As a passionate People & Transformation Executive, Alize Hofmeester helps organizations to explore and reshape the future way of working. She ignites a different way of thinking to create a new mindset that unleashes company-wide “agility.”
    After a successful career in banking, management consulting, healthcare and recruitment, Alize started a new chapter as the founder of Twinxter and People Journey Circle.© In this capacity, she actively advises board-room leaders and transformation teams on how to reshape company structures and trains them son mindset, leadership, and the people side of change. This creates a flow within an entire corporation, so the organization as a whole remains relevant to its customers and keeps adding value to an infinitely evolving world around them.
    Alize strongly believes if you can facilitate the right environment where people can experiment, learn, and improve, magical things will happen. That means that everyone in the organization needs to be willing to be involved and wants to build this new aspired environment. In her upcoming book, she describes how to create a differentiating and inclusive people journey to the future of work and achieve sustainable growth. The elements of the People Journey Circle help you to take the lead. FOCUS is part of the elements.

  • Rishita Jones
    Rishita Jones

    Creating happy, healthy and engaged workplaces through purposeful HR practices and authentic leadership
    Who I am – I am a human of the world. A wife, daughter, sister, and a mother of two. I am curious. I am a seeker and a soul searcher. I am a dreamer and a believer. I live for today, and I show up for tomorrow.
    What I do – I chose HR on purpose, 14 years ago. I didn’t fall into it or get stuck in it. My love for what I do lead me to live and work in four countries, looking at what drives, motivates, and moves people. My professional journey of searching for more egalitarian ways of working, a sense of belonging, and purpose-led me to discover Agile. For the past four years, I have worked as a change agent in HR, bringing the Agile values, principles, and tools to individuals, teams, and organizations wishing to make a transition to more innovative, trustful, and team-centered ways of working. I am an accredited Agile HR practitioner and trainer, and a multi-linguist who seeks to carry forward the new language of HR.

  • Tamara Molinas
    Tamara Molinas
    Senior HR Business Partner

    Tamara Molinas is a Senior HR Business Partner in a large E-Commerce company, with more than 15 years of experience in the HR craft. With a strong passion for people and innovation and a high sense of curiosity and humor, she is the founder of the Agile People MeetUp group in Amsterdam and co-author of the Agile People Manifesto.
    Tamara has very broad international experience, having lived in 6 different countries and worked directly with over 50, which gave her the unique opportunity to build new perspectives on cultures and ways of working and living.
    Her strength lies in the ability to create or improve things in a cooperative, fun, and flexible way, making sure to engage the right people in defining each journey in a very inclusive and people-centric way.
    She holds Master’s degrees in Organization and Human Resources Management and Philosophy. Certified by Oxford College, HCI, CIPD, HRMP, and ICAgile, she views life as a continuous learning experience, and she is currently exploring the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.