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Create Your Own Journey – Self-leadership Through Visualization

We walk into the office surrounded by visuals and images that someone else created for us. Our titles, position in the organizational chart, our personality narrowed down and expressed as a color or an XYZ code. In a changing world, we can’t longer wait for someone else to give us the direction and to tell us what skills and abilities will matter. We need to take ownership of our own journey, by understanding ourselves better and by creating images to stand for our actions, ideas, and decisions.

This pre-recorded presentation will show everyone how to apply visualization to achieve your own interpersonal clarity, to lead yourself by knowing yourself better with all of your strengths and ambitions, your obstacles, and your needs. Join this session to get familiar with some basic techniques and to get comfortable in creating your own imaginary library for conversations with your manager, your colleagues, and for reflections with yourself.

This session is hosted by Agile People Coach and former senior HR leader, Sarah (Sweden) and Agile Coach, Rikke (Denmark).



Sep 10 2020


11:00 - 11:50

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 10 2020
  • Time: 07:00 - 07:50

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  • Rikke Kornby
    Rikke Kornby

    I am a pro-active, curios, and exploring networker and do’er, that uses my talent for gathering experts, thinkers, developers, and administrators to build and improve digital services and processes. All in the area of Agile development, service design, design sprint, enterprise design, and facilitation.

    I believe in teams and team effort, whether it is within management, support, product development, or IT, that one person can’t fix everything, and that help is something you both ask for and give.

  • Sarah Maximilian
    Sarah Maximilian

    Sarah Maximilian is an Agile People Coach and Owner of the boutique consultancy firm, Yellow Business Consulting AB based in the South of Sweden, with a strong focus on Total Rewards, HR Analytics, and HR Agility.
    With work stations in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, she has worked with international companies in the area of compensation and benefits, performance management, HR operations, and systems. Her way into the Agile WoW came from the struggles of pressing outdated HR concepts into a dynamic work environment of an agile and fast-growing tech company.
    Now being packed with rich experiences across the HR value chain, she has gained a holistic understanding of what attracts, engages, and resonates with people of various nationalities in modern workspaces. With a geeky mind and excitement for HR software and digital tools, she discovered that powerful tools were born out of agile principles: Self-Leadership, Trust, and Collective Intelligence.
    After her graduation in HR Management (M.A.), she acquired most of her skills by being curious, exploring trends, analyzing data, and networking, and paired this with formal training in Compensation and Benefits, Global Mobility, HR Analytics, and Agile People Coaching.