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6 Guidelines to Increase Empowerment

To adapt to the world we live in, the empowerment of individuals and teams is an important prerequisite for organizations. With purpose in mind and by actively supporting each individual, every employee can help establish empowerment in the organizations. It starts with leaders, who need to recognize that people are most effective when empowered, engaged, and energized. Empowering individuals and teams is a skill that agile leaders need to sharpen to balance emerging needs and tensions within an organization. Empowerment is not a one-side concept. It is continuous and represents leadership behavior that responds to the current situation and/or the need for change.


Sep 09 2020


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  • Date: Sep 09 2020
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  • Maja Majstorović Hajduković
    Maja Majstorović Hajduković

    Maja’s passion is helping leaders and HR to change how they work and adapt to best fit in the modern workforce. She helps leaders and HR professionals win with change – empowering value creation in digital times with strong teams, focused leadership, and agile HR.
    Having spent a majority of her career leading HR initiatives in dynamic business environments that helped organizations change, transform, and expand, she deeply understands the HR needs of growing companies. She combines her extensive background in human resources and organizational development with innovative, agile HR practices, to offer a truly unique and transformative approach. The more she witnesses the energy that Agile HR ignites, the more convinced she is of its restorative power, not just for the HR profession but for the future of work.
    HR’s role is undergoing tremendous change, from focusing mainly on policies and processes to understanding that the future of HR lies in creating conditions for people to perform and be happy. By removing impediments, we can instead maximize engagement and employee satisfaction that will fuel speed and adaptability in a common, strategic direction. HR can support the change towards a more agile organization – we have the opportunity to really make a difference. Our focus must be on creating better workplaces through the development of individuals and teams across all disciplines. The trick is to start small and keep it simple.
    Go Agile People!