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Wicked problems for Agile People. Manifesto 3 – Panel Discussion (Pre-recorded)

During this session, a panel of authors will be asked some wicked questions, to which they formulate an answer from their perspectives, in the light of their common pillar in the AP Principles book.

Agile People Manifesto 3 = Agile People connect deeply with individuals, businesses, and society to create a culture where human ability is nurtured, valued, and unleashed. (Culture, Connection, Humanity, Focus on Broader Society)

Moderator: Francis Laleman
Panel: Michele Stone, Annick Bleyen, Rishita Jones, Marian O’Brian, Anja Van Beek, Michaela Broeckx

timeslot: 45 min of pre-recorded discussion


Sep 10 2020


02:00 - 02:40

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Stockholm
  • Date: Sep 10 2020
  • Time: 04:00 - 04:40

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Presentation Session


  • Anja van Beek
    Anja van Beek

    Anja is a Talent Strategist, Leadership Expert, and Coach. An ex-Sage HR Director, she founded her own consulting and coaching business in 2017. She now partners and consults with leaders and HR teams on all people-related aspects with a specific focus on adopting an agile mindset and integrating agile principles and practices. Anja is a leadership coach and an expert in supporting teams to remain relevant and thrive in the future of work.

  • Marian O’Brien
    Marian O’Brien

    Marian is a co-founder of Project X Partners, which is a consultancy that focuses on Agile Values & Principles to enable the people side of change, for their clients.
    Valued for her engaging communication style and her open, creative, yet pragmatic approach to solving complex organizational challenges, Marian has a proven track record of successfully designing integrated human capital architecture and developing strategically aligned people and culture initiatives. Her expertise in Agile People, Culture, Leadership, and HR transformation, coupled with her interest in the application of new and emergent learning technologies and approaches, ensures Marian provides leading-edge strategic advisory for her clients.
    Additionally, Marian is a qualified NLP practitioner and an experienced Personal & Executive Coach and is certified in a range of psychometric & behavioral assessment tools including MBTI, SDI, and Voiceprint and is energized when working with leaders, teams, and individuals to support them in growing and developing to become more effective in achieving their goals.
    Her passion for travel, photography, networking, collaborating, and design has provided her with numerous insights and stories, which hopefully one day will be published in a book she aspires to author.

  • Michaëla Broeckx
    Michaëla Broeckx

    Michaela is a mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife…
    … and she’s also a spirited Agile/Lean coach and Agile trainer, gifted with a natural flair for interpersonal & intercultural communication, and with an extensive track record in a great variety of industries. She’s an AgilePeople HR facilitator as well as an enterprise transformation coach, working for various customers for Ordina Belgium. Throughout her career, she took on various other roles, like HR Project Lead, corporate trainer, team performance coach, practice manager, Scrum Master, Product owner, and consultant. Apart from that, she leads a not for profit initiative that supports schooling and health projects in Bihar, India (Anandvzw)…
    So far, Michaela has gained her expertise with projects in learning and development, telecom, utilities, public health, software development, and HR services – and she has worked from places as far apart as Hammerfest (Norway) and Muscat (Oman).
    Michaela has a zest for enthusiastic Agile|Scrum transformation tracks, HR Projects & Organizational change programs, outstanding L&D trajectories, solid cooperative learning facilitation and people, and performance-driven leadership with a smile.
    She gets energy from anything or anyone showing progress and growth. Not in a “biggering” sort of way, but in a grounded, steady, and connected way. It fuels her to see people gain insights and get moving, making steps forward, either in their minds or in their work – as individuals and as part of the organizational ecosystem.
    “What I love about Agile is that it focuses on the human connection. To tackle challenges and cleverly respond to change, we must combine our collective brains and join our efforts to optimize for the whole.”

  • Michele Stone
    Michele Stone

    Michele Stone resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has 25 years of experience building teams, mentoring individual contributors, managers, and executives in methodologies and principles that foster a culture of trust and ownership. Michele is a successful and award-winning entrepreneur with a focus on working with leaders to nurture a healthy, dynamic, and collaborative Agile transformation of their teams and organization. She collaborates with global thought leaders to further the conversation about the need for change on how we approach our work. Michele and her husband James, are contributing authors to The Agile People Manifesto.
    Her passion is helping people deliver excellent value while loving what they do!

  • Rishita Jones
    Rishita Jones

    Creating happy, healthy and engaged workplaces through purposeful HR practices and authentic leadership
    Who I am – I am a human of the world. A wife, daughter, sister, and a mother of two. I am curious. I am a seeker and a soul searcher. I am a dreamer and a believer. I live for today, and I show up for tomorrow.
    What I do – I chose HR on purpose, 14 years ago. I didn’t fall into it or get stuck in it. My love for what I do lead me to live and work in four countries, looking at what drives, motivates, and moves people. My professional journey of searching for more egalitarian ways of working, a sense of belonging, and purpose-led me to discover Agile. For the past four years, I have worked as a change agent in HR, bringing the Agile values, principles, and tools to individuals, teams, and organizations wishing to make a transition to more innovative, trustful, and team-centered ways of working. I am an accredited Agile HR practitioner and trainer, and a multi-linguist who seeks to carry forward the new language of HR.