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2020-01-21 09:00 —
2020-01-22 16:30CET
Eindhoven, Netherlands
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Ended on 2019-12-23
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ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL)

Who should attend …

Particularly HR professionals and agile coaches, but also line managers and consultants take this deep dive into Agile Talent to actively support teams and organizations.

It is all about …
This training places great emphasis on practical examples and we will present a series of approaches and tools that you will be able to use when getting started on your own agile people initiatives. We take you through an agile HR case from setting goals and developing user stories for HR to implementing sprint planning and monitoring the sprint using Kanban. It is provided by senior HR business professionals, with solid international experience in Global HR Leadership and Management teams, in various industries and countries, and also co-authored the Agile People Manifesto, a framework for People in Agile organizations.  This training leads to a Certification in Agile Talent by IC-Agile. 

Learning outcomes …

  • How we can support an agile organizational transformation
    You will learn how to assess the current organizational structure, and get ideas around how to create a new structure that enables business agility, maximizes communication and collaboration within and among teams and enables the flow of value. 
  • How to set goals and manage performance in a new way 
    You will learn how to appraise current performance management practices and identify ways of bringing Agile thinking to enhance performance, accountability and growth through new goal setting tools like OKR’s.
  •  How to develop an organizational action plan for role modelling an agile mindset 
    You will learn how to build new skills that will enable cross-functional teams based on T-shaped people 
  • Why the agile mindset is everybody’s responsibility
    We will show how to design the talent/people elements needed to help support an organizational agile transformation, and discuss the difference between ownership, responsibility and accountability.
  • The needed changes in all functions
    You will get to reflect on how the need for business agility affects your function and organization and how it impacts team members’ roles and behaviors.
  • Practical tools, templates and exercises
    You will learn how you can work with agile tools and methods, for example with Kanban, Sprints, Scrum and Retrospectives to increase psychological safety, people- happiness and performance. The workshop places great emphasis on practical examples and we will present a series of tools you could use when getting started on your own agile initiative. 
  • Talent Acquisition and the Candidate Experience
    We will show how you can create a design and sourcing-strategy that can be used to find and acquire the “right” people to support the strategic growth of the organization, by taking values, culture, diversity and collaboration into the hiring decision.
  • Enable and support Agile Learning & Development
    We will suggest ways to enable and support a learning-mindset in a team, supporting the shift from the focus on deficiencies to a focus on development of new skills, capabilities and continuous improvement
  • Employee Engagement and Employee Experience in an agile manner
    We will recommend motivational tools to be applied in different contexts, and describe how the traditional employee engagement survey needs to change when working with agile values.
  • How to handle Compensation and Benefits in an agile organization
    You will learn how to describe and contrast traditional incentive structures with Agile-friendly structures and discuss the pros and cons of each approach, explaining how you could apply them in your environment.

Workshop program

  • Introduction to agile. Why work with agility? What characterizes the agile mindset and values?
  • What can we learn from the Agile People Manifesto?
  • How is the agile approach related to Lean and Systems Thinking and Design Thinking?
  • How HR can support an agile organizational transformation: Assess the current organizational structure and design a new structure that enables business agility, maximizes communication and collaboration within and among teams and enables the flow of value. 
  • How should People Processes like performance management, recruitment, learning and development, compensation & benefits and employee engagement surveys change? Do we provide the boundary conditions for people to perform in the agile journey?
  • How can we make people take responsibility and feel a sense of ownership for their work, when everyone in the organization needs to be a leader?
  • How to grow and develop teams to be independent and empowered to make their own decisions
  • How to work to change behaviours – accomplishing an agile mindset and culture
  • What are the specific skills that we need to use to run an agile transformation, from a people perspective?

  • Certification Assignment, Individually or in pairs:
    • Create a draft Agile transition roadmap, based on the provided models
    • For your own organization (can be a virtual assignment, with assumptions) 
    • Or, use our standard business case
    • Hand-in the documentation within 4 weeks after the course
    • Feedback by Course Facilitators on the assignment related to the Course content.
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