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Oct 27 2021


18:00 - 20:00

Has Covid-19 changed Leadership, or…

After the pandemic – Are leaders prepared for the “new” Work-life

As more and more people are getting vaccinated and society starts to open up, employees start to get back to their offices, the majority after the summer vacation.

Companies start to plan for how the “post-pandemic” work-life will be and there are companies that already have introduced new ways of working; some want their staff to return to the office all week, others allow their people to work from anywhere. Though, many organizations seem to go for a Hybrid workplace solution and strive to combine the best of both work practices.

Working from home is not for everybody, many enjoy it, while other employees long to go back to the office.

Has Covid-19 changed leadership and how we interact with each other? Will we be able to go back to “business as usual”?

In this IRL MeetUp, Pia-Maria will take you on a journey towards a new future. She paints how leaders and organizations need to change completely to attract the modern workforce after the pandemic.

We meet at Kungsgatan 10 (Squeed office) in Stockholm at 18.00 on Wednesday, October 27 – see you there!