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We offer both online and in-person courses & training programs to help you gain knowledge and skills in Agile People HR, Agile People Leadership, Agile People Development and Business Agility Foundations. Are you looking for a great place to start your learning journey? Explore our upcoming courses.

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A big part of what we do in Agile People is inspiring, creating awareness, and introducing people to Agile People Principles through different events. So please have a look at our upcoming schedule and consider joining us. We look forward to connecting with you.

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Whether you have just discovered Agile People or attended one of our courses, learning is a journey and a shared journey at that. By becoming a member, you can either start your learning journey with us and/or continue your growth and development after attending one of our courses.

Agile People Books

Agile People have written three books. First is the famous and origin Agile People - A Radical Approach For HR & Managers. Then the follow up with the easy read picture version - Agile People Picturebook and the third book will walk you through 34 Agile People Principles.

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Become an Agile People Coach or Coach. Our aim is to help develop adaptive, healthy and agile organizations all around the world

Agile People Books

Organizations and professional’s around the world are waking up to and embracing agile values and principles. Agile People Trainers help support and guide them towards building great places to work and delivering fantastic customer value. Do you have what it takes? Find out.

Agile People People

Our aim is to help develop adaptive, healthy and agile organisations. Organisations that provide people with the environment to develop, thrive and engage in order to deliver fantastic value to customers. We do this by providing training and certifications in People and Business Agility. Our trainers are located in all corners of the world.

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"It's all about people"

"It's all about people"

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