This is the manual on how to fill out the setup of a course. 

Short video introduction to the right, details below.

This will be the title that the customer sees when browsing for training or events. (Mandatory)

[Language] is what Language the Trainer will speak. The training title language gives the participant information about the slide deck language.

[English] Agile People Fundamentals + HR (ICP-AHR) [Online] = This mean a English speaking Trainer and English slide decks

[Français] Agile People Fundamentals + HR (ICP-AHR) [Online] = This mean a French speaking Trainer and English slide decks

[Français] Fondamentaux Agile People + Agilité en RH (ICP-AHR) [En ligne] = This mean a French speaking Trainer and French slide decks


If you would like to have special links, you add them here. 

If you add an “Event Link”, that will link directly to another link/site. This is used mainly when you have information about the training/event on another site. You do not need to add more than the mandatory. The customer will not see any details about the course. 

If you add a “Join here” link, then that link will override the “register” button. If you have another payment site, add this in the link field and the word “Book course”/”Register now”, etc. in the more info field.

Main description. Here is where you add all your “text” and other nice-looking stuff for the customer to read. (Mandatory)

We think you recognise most of the tools you can use.
In addition, we added your personal media library space, “Add Media,” for your images and other files so that you can easily use them again.

When you insert an image (preferably an image not too big (KB) ), you probably need to adjust where to put this. Click on the image and use the tools that pop up. Image to the left of the text, between texts centred, to the right and the left between texts.

You can copy and paste from other tools like Word or Workshop Butler

If you need to make your pictures smaller, several online tools exist. We often use

An excellent place to find images for courses is “Marketing Resources”, that you find under the menu “My Transactions”

If you like to add a Popup with Course Information

This will make your customer stay on the same page and not need to read about the course “somewhere” on the site.
Also, you do not need to add this information to your course description, which becomes shorter and easier to read.

Write a sentence that describes the information. E.g. “Please read the details of the Agile People – Development course by clicking this row.”

To make this work: Select the sentence (or the part you like them to click on), then click on the “chain-symbol” in the toolbox on top, and add the #popup that corresponds to your course (including the #(hashtag), e.g. #BAF-popup. Click Apply.

#BAF-popup (BAF)
#Leadership-popup (Leadership)
#HR-popup (HR)
#PDV-popup (Development)
#Finance-popup (Finance)


Here you put the Event Cost. (Mandatory)

Or you can tick the box “Show the minimum price based on tickets.” Then that is going to happen. But we explain more further down on “Tickets”


An excerpt summarises your “full” description and will be used by search engines.

If the Excerpt is empty, The system automatically creates an excerpt using the first 55 words of the “post”.

Here you put the Event Cost. (Mandatory)

Or you can tick the box “Show the minimum price based on tickets.” Then that is going to happen. But we explain more further down on “Tickets”

Date and Time

This is the date and time of your Training/Event. Note that you can “tick” in the box for “Hide Event Time”.

If you check All-day Event, then it means that your event starts at 0:00 A.M. and ends at 11:59 P.M.

There is also an option to add a detailed Date and Time below under “Hourly Schedule”. It will look nice, but you might consider making a “more simple” image of your schedule and adding that to the “Main description”


Currency Options

You can have different solutions for charging for the event, other online payment solutions or by, invoices etc. If you use another currency than “Euro” then you can add details here.


Moutsly user for Event (Not Training)

You can add several more or less detailed intervals. The number of repetitions, When it will end and so on.

Featured Image (Mandatory)

This image will be “on top”.

When describing Agile People Training or Programs, please use an image from Agile People Trainer Resources
You will find a folder named “Course Featured Images.”

If you use another picture. Please make sure the image is “small” in size (number of KB)

Time Zone

Choose your “town”. Global options mean that it will use the time set by the server location (Central European Standard Time
Time zone in Sweden (GMT+1))

Categories (Mandatory)

The EVENT will show up on the “Event” page, and TRAINING will show up under the “Courses” page

Countdown Method

Global options mean “Count to Event Start”


Show (on shortcodes) means this event will be seen in the list of courses.

Hide (on Shortcodes) will mean that it will be hidden.

Languages (Mandatory)

If you are missing a Language, then reach out to Agile People.

Exceptional Days (Exclude Dates)

If you have an “Repeating Event” and cant make one of them. Add that date here. 


Check your name in the list. If you like to add more  Trainers, then send an email to [email protected]

Do not use the “Add Trainer” function. It will not work.

Hourly Schedule

If you would like to show details of all your training, dates, time, and what is happening at that moment with extra information, you can also add what Trainer will be the “Speaker” at a specific time frame. 


Training / Event Location

You can add a new location and add a picture of the site (Typically 
The “Map” function is not installed.

Event Gallery

You can upload more pictures that will be added on top next to your Featured Image.

When you insert an image (preferably an image not too big (KB) )

If you need to make your pictures smaller, several online tools exist. We often use

Booking Limit

Add the number of “seats” you have available.


Here you can add “Tickets”. Different Tickets depend on things like part of the course and how many days there are to the event.

Add at least one ticket for the “Booking” solution to work with payments on the Agile People site.

These Tickets and the prices can replace the “Cost” of the event. Then you need to tick the box “Show the minimum price based on tickets.” in the “Cost” setting.

If you like to have your own solution for payments (e.g. Eventbrite), then use links as you can read more about further up on this page.

NB! You delete that ticket if you hit the “X” within the “red” box

Price Per Date

Typical use for Early bird etc.. if you do not use your own payment solutions like “Eventbrite”, etc.

The “same” function as “Price Per Date” can also be done by adding several tickets with different “Stop selling ticket” number of days before the event start.

Booking form

Inherit from global options = email and Name.

Uncheck the tick box if you like to have other options. 

The booking form only show if there is tickets.

Organizer Payment Credentials

If you have a Stripe account (, add your Secret Key and Publishable Key here and use the Agile People website as your payment gateway. 

The pay will end up in your account.

Then you need to set up Tickets.

Or the alternative is to set up your payment solution with, e.g. Eventbrite.

SEO Schema

Let this be “Schedule” for best information to the search engines. If you want to cancel or pospone you might consider change this when that is a fact. 

Note To Reviewer

If you like to inform us at Agile People about something we might need to know, you can leave a message here.

You might send an email as a “backup” or “instead” 😉

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