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Are You The Leader You Want To Be?

To lead and navigating in today’s rapidly evolving business environment can be challenging. To change others, you need to start with yourself.

Self-leadership is the ability to proactively guide and motivate oneself towards personal and professional goals, taking ownership of actions and outcomes. It involves self-awareness, self-motivation, and accountability to achieve success and continuous growth.

Our practical and in-depth Agility in Leadership course is designed to provide valuable and in-depth insights into self-awareness, bias recognition, relationship building, and leading change and transformation.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understanding the difference between Power & Influence in organizations, focusing on how they are obtained and utilized, and their effects on relationships and decision-making
  • How to develop self-awareness and enhance your self-management skills: these skills enable you to understand yourself better and navigate challenges more effectively
  • How to apply emotional intelligence in relationships, understanding and managing emotions, improving communication, resolving conflicts, and building stronger connections with others
  • About different leadership styles’; how to adapt your leadership approach based on the needs of the situation and the individuals you are leading.

Our course is available as a dynamic 2-day workshop or 10 engaging 2-3-hour online sessions, leading to a Professional Certification in Agility in Leadership with Agile People and ICAgile.

Why Choose This Training

Whether you are a leader or an individual seeking to elevate your career, this course is designed for you. Develop relevant leadership capabilities and stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic business landscape. Enhance career opportunities and join a network of professionals committed to adaptive leadership.

Our interactive group sessions encourage sharing experiences, discussions, and hands-on learning through our Learning Management System (LMS).

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take the first step toward becoming the leader you would like to become.

Join our community and become an Agile People Trainer. I have been a trainer since 2014 and today run my own company with 9 employees.

Join our community and become an Agile People Trainer. I have been a trainer since 2014 and today run my own company with 9 employees.

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Target Audience


As a leader at all organizational levels, it is crucial to understand the drivers for business agility to succeed in the future workplace and the required leadership competencies achieving this.

Agile Coaches

Agile coaches that want to learn more about self-leadership, the human aspect of agile, and how to facilitate effective teamwork and collaboration within organizations better.


Consultants that want to deepen their agile understanding to support customers in agile transformations better.


HR professionals at all levels who want to provide a superior employee experience and foster people-centric management culture.

Agile People

Curious individuals who seek growth and new challenges and believe in people-centric organizations.

What Differentiates Our Courses & Training Programs

Interactive Learning

Our approach emphasizes interactive group work, enabling participants to learn from one another through shared experiences and knowledge during engaging group discussions.

Professional Certificate

The course leads to a Professional Certification with Agile People and ICAgile. To ensure top-quality learning experiences against proven Learning Outcomes, our courses are accredited by ICAgile, a leading global agile accreditation and certification body.

Agile People Campus

With both the online and in-person workshop, you will gain access to our Learning Management System (LMS), where you can delve into the theory and acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject matter at your phase.

Practical Tools And A New Network

The training will teach you new skills and practical tools while establishing valuable connections. As part of our commitment to your agile journey, we organize regular events to enrich your learning experience further.

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More Course Information

Course Description

Three Perspectives

Learning Outcomes

The online and in-person workshops cover ten key topics and are described more in detail in our Course Description.

The training covers three perspectives; Individual (you), team (we in our group), and organizational (all of us).

ICAgile accredits our courses and programs, and all our courses have a detailed learning outcome.

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