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Agile People, is a global community of professional agilists who work to help all types of organizations increase business agility.

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One of the ways we contribute to foster the world is by writing books about Agile People®. Our, must-read third book, written together with more than 30 facilitators around the world, is coming this summer. Start by reading the first two – look in the Shop!

If you are interested of doing translations of our training content or books or co-publishing your own book with us – get it touch 🙂


Agile People have seperate teams around the world that do meetups and conferences. Join thousands of Agile People in many meeting every year to get up to speed on your agile journey.

If you are interested to open your own meetup group or host a conference –
please get in touch and we will be happy to join your efforts

Agile People Conference

Agile People

The Agile People Manifesto was crafted in a gathering in Smögen, Sweden, in June 2019 by 19 agile people from 15 countries all over the world.

It is a gift from us for everyone to use – Be inspired

If you are interested to translate the Agile People Manifesto, contact:

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