Building High-Performing Teams Across Continents

Building High-Performing Teams Across Continents

Our assignment involved a customer with an R&D department located in both India and Sweden. The main objective was to foster collaboration and co-creation across continents and time zones. To accomplish this, we assembled a dedicated coach team with one coach assigned to each country.

We began by conducting a thorough current state analysis addressing the cross-continental context. This analysis led to tailored improvements and a re-organization plan that addressed the department’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our primary focus was on coaching the cross-country leadership team to implement these changes effectively.

One key change was aligning the development teams around value streams, ensuring a shared vision and understanding of project deliveries. We emphasized coaching the leaders and leadership teams to develop leadership agility skills and cultivate a co-coaching mindset. This approach enabled them to build effective teams, promote collaboration, and achieve synergistic outcomes.

Our cross-continental support played a crucial role in helping the teams discover a new sense of purpose. It enhanced their overall performance and facilitated positive transformations, ultimately contributing to the organization’s success, regardless of geographic barriers.

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