Agile People Picturebook - Paper version

215 illustrations with important messages for the future of work
“Don’t let the light format of this excellent book fool you. Although this is an easy and fun read, the topic is deadly serious. There is a crisis in how we lead and organize work today”
– Michael Göthe, Agile Organizational Coach at Crisp


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Agile People Picturebook - Paper version

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To ensure teams are well crafted, motivated, and successful, leaders must adapt to new ways of working and thinking – they must become agile.
We need to accelerate an agile mindset by spreading the values of customer collaboration, energized people, learning organizations, inspiring leadership, and rapid change.
The Agile People Picturebook is a spin-off project from the book called “Agile People – A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees)”. It summarizes Agile People and the main messages from the book in pictures and quotes and is a joint effort between me and Nico and Elsa Simpson.
I first met with Nico and Elsa on a trip to South Africa in November 2018 when I was giving training in Cape Town. They helped to make this book come alive with the drawings and quotes and is an easy and fun read that will help people to understand the why, what and how of change for the future of work.

Pia-Maria Thoren

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