Miguel Velasquez

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Miguel is the President CEO of BL&C, a Tokyo-based management and communication training firm. Miguel founded the firm in June 2004 and is responsible for leading and managing the firm’s business. His corporate clientele is represented in the legal, financial, banking, aerospace, hospitality, pharmaceutical & medical, transportation, semiconductor, and IT industries: White & Case, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Medtronic, Wipro, Chugai-Roche, Toyota, Coca Cola, IBM, Hilton Hotel, Tupperware, AirBus, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, DHL, UPS, NEC, Mitsubishi-FUSO to mention a few. Miguel is also responsible for arranging and facilitating IC-Agile Leadership Development, Organizational, People Development training programs, and executive coaching services.

Miguel, in addition to his CEO responsibilities, partners with executive leaders with the potential for greatness to bring about change in their organization by helping them grow and share leadership with their team leading to enhanced personal, team and organizational success. His coaching style includes the traits of compassion, authenticity, support, challenge, inspiration and aspiration, making use of  the latest neuroscience research in a practical way in the fields of personal development, well-being, high-performance, innovation, and cognitive development. Having experienced working in companies with different corporate cultures in South America, the US, and Japan he is well equipped for facilitating multicultural team building and Agile team coaching. Miguel was born in Peru. He speaks English, Spanish and Japanese and uses these languages in his work.

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