Rebecca Eifried

1 Years as trainer
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HR NOMAD = It’s all about Human Relations. Disrupting workplaces.

Welcome! …to your journey to a new agile work environment, were people really make the difference.

HR NOMAD is a Startup Coaching & Consultancy and was founded 2017 in Berlin, Germany by Rebecca Eifried (MBA).

And how are we achieving this since? By disrupting workplaces and organizational development on demand. By being agile ourselves.

(That’s why we call us HR Nomads ;D)

But let’s start from the beginning.

Rebecca has more than 12 years of HR and leadership experience and combines the best of both worlds: international big and medium size companies’ and experience. Shed at age 21 to lead her first own team of 30 employees in fashion retail and intuitively to introduce agile principles, way before “agility” became popular. Since this experience she was ignited to discover more “truffles” and good examples to bring more human connections to HR and Leadership, particularly when it comes to change and disruptions. As former HR Manager for German speaking countries, Development & Training specialist, ESF certified Coach, Trainer, Mediator, accredited consultant of ESF founded state programs, ICAgile certified professional in Business Agility, Agile HR and Agile Leadership, Agile People Coach, now she also became Online ICAgile Instructor to deliver certification courses in her special fields of expertise.

But enough about us. Our mission is about YOU.

Discover and learn about agile foundations, agile HR or agile leadership yourself. If you are a startup founder, CEO/COO, team leader, HR or People Manager, Agile Coach… whatever you’ve done before… If you feel that you want to become a role model of agility yourself and if you want to create agile organizational and team structures, an agile mindset and company culture where you can provide trust, psychological safety and amazing human relations in you team that allows outstanding performance even in times of big changes, this is tailor-made for you. 

Agile Startup Consulting & Coaching
for Human Relations & Organizational Development on Demand

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