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Unlock world-class training no matter where you are! Our certified trainers span the globe, bringing Agile People courses right to your doorstep. 

Dive into our programs with trainers who are passionate about what they do and can speak your language. Don’t miss out – join us and learn with the best!

Learn from Our Certified Trainers!

Across the globe, our licensed, experienced trainers deliver our training courses and programs with the same dedication, and we are proud to have this global footprint. They frequently offer instruction in their native languages for localized understanding and relevance. 

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Agile People Trainers

Meet our Agile People trainers. They are all passionate agile representatives from the whole world, with a toolbox corresponding to the Agile People principles. Read more and contact them below.

Together, we are spreading the agile values and changing organizations for the better, in every corner of the world

Would You Like To Become a Trainer?

Would you like to join our Community? Around the world, more and more organizations are embracing people-centric (agile) values and principles.

Our Trainers and Agile People Coaches are all passionate agile representatives worldwide. Together, we are spreading agile values and changing organizations for the better in every corner of the world.

Join our community and become an Agile People Trainer. I have been a trainer since 2021 and run my own company with nine employees today.

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