Agile Brazil 2023: Pia-Maria Thorén Lights Up the Stage as Keynote Speaker

São Paulo, Brazil: The Agile Brazil 2023 conference, one of the most anticipated events of the year for the agile community, recently concluded in São Paulo, offering attendees a medley of inspiring talks, workshops, and networking opportunities. This year, the conference was particularly special due to the presence of Pia-Maria Thorén, a globally recognized thought leader in agile HR, leadership, and motivation.

Lighting Up the Stage

Pia-Maria Thorén’s keynote address was one of the highlights of the conference. Bringing her decades of experience in inspiring Agile transformations across various organizations, she shared her insights on how companies can truly embrace agility, not just in development teams but across the whole organization.

Empowering HR in an Agile World

One of the central themes of Thorén’s keynote was the importance of Agile HR in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. She emphasized how Human Resources can act as a powerful catalyst for change. “Agile is not just a set of practices for software development,” Thorén said, “it’s a mindset that should permeate the entire organization. And HR, being the central hub of people and culture, plays a pivotal role in this transformation.”

The Power of Motivation

Drawing from her acclaimed book “Agile People”, Thorén dived deep into the intricacies of motivation in the workplace. She introduced frameworks that can help managers and leaders understand the different motivational drivers in their teams. By acknowledging and leveraging these drivers, organizations can foster a more innovative, productive, and satisfied workforce.

Attendees’ Reactions

The impact of Thorén’s talk was evident from the reactions of the attendees. Julia Costa, an agile coach from Rio de Janeiro, mentioned, “Pia-Maria’s speech was an eye-opener. It gave me a fresh perspective on how I can approach my work and inspire teams to achieve their fullest potential.”
Another attendee, Roberto Silva, a product manager from Salvador, shared his enthusiasm, “It’s refreshing to see such an emphasis on people and culture in an agile conference. Thorén’s ideas on motivation and Agile HR are something I’m eager to implement in my own organization.”

Wrapping Up

The Agile Brazil 2023 was undoubtedly a grand success, and Pia-Maria Thorén’s keynote was a testament to the growing understanding that agility is as much about people and culture as it is about processes and methodologies. As the agile community continues to evolve and grow in Brazil and across the world, it’s clear that the human side of the equation will remain at its heart.

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