In this Agile People Fika session, we dive into the critical topic of finance and agility. The discussion centers on the vital need to decouple targets, forecast, and resource allocation in financial planning. We contrast traditional budgeting methods with agile approaches, highlighting how traditional methods often lead to inefficiencies and missed business opportunities. Key challenges in conventional budgeting are explored, including rigid targets and inefficient resource allocation, especially in IT companies.

The session also examines different budgeting practices in public and private sectors and discusses the integral role of HR and finance in creating more holistic budgeting processes. Participants share real-world examples from various organizations, illustrating the shift towards more agile, flexible budgeting methods in response to unpredictable events like the pandemic.

We wrap up with an invitation to an upcoming webinar for deeper insights into agile budgeting. This session is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of finance and agility, offering valuable perspectives for adapting to the ever-changing business landscape.

If you want to know more, maybe you are interested in our education Agility in Finance:

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