About Us

Since 2011, Agile People has been at the forefront of supporting organizations on their transformation journey. Our training programs have attracted over 4500 participants from across the globe, fostering a community of agile practitioners.

We have a global footprint with licensed trainers in a variety of countries.

What We Do

We support you through your entire transformation journey. Starting with building awareness, then training to build new organizational capabilities, and lastly providing consulting. All is tailored to your organization’s needs, helping you unlock potential, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable success. We provide strategic guidance and expertise to drive growth, address challenges, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


We help your company to understand the drivers for change, why it is necessary with a shift in mindset, and how this new way of organizing work will increase your people engagement and improve customer satisfaction and results.

Agile People regularly deliver Keynote speeches at conferences, seminars, and other events.

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We train your organization to master your agile journey by delivering workshops, online training, and tailored programs to suit organizational needs.

We want to work closely, in partnership, with our customers. For us, it’s essential that you are successful in building organizational capabilities.

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Our consultants work closely with your company, guiding you on your agile journey until you fully adopt the agile way of organizing work.

We specialize in effective consulting and coaching, helping you navigate the change process and ensuring the retention of new knowledge and skills.

We bring experience and flexibility to our client collaborations, whether on-site or remotely.

"How you view People affects how you structure your
Management and Governance Processes."

About Us

In Agile People, we believe people-centric companies have higher employee engagement and performance. We want to create conditions for your company to become a learning organization with capabilities to innovate, continuously improve and use these capabilities as a competitive advantage by learning faster than competitors. 

We help you to accelerate your transformation by spreading the values of customer collaboration, energizing people, and enabling learning within your company through inspiring leadership.

We are here to support your transformation journey to becoming a people-centric organization. We inspire your company to understand the rationale for change, train your people to make the change journey, and coach you through the entire transformation process.

Our team works closely with our customers to ensure that the transformation suits their company’s needs and context by working on-site or remotely with them.

It is all about unleashing the potential in your people!

Our Team

Martin Berg

I collaborate with organizations to understand human needs and use them to create resilient and flexible systems that adapt to daily changes. By doing so, we make room for innovation and value creation. My goal is to help organizations harness the power of humans for a better future.


Ingela Moene

With a background as an HR Executive and experience in global HR and leadership development, Ingela is committed to supporting the enhancement of individual and organizational capabilities to attain Business Agility. She  believes in fostering a people-centric company culture to achieve strategic objectives faster.

Daniel Wester

I have passion for people and leadership development. I´m an experienced coach within Agile and Lean, and how to connect the methods and principles for tangible results. In client organizations, I am good at helping people and teams to move forward by building physiologically safe environments.

Pia-Maria Thorén

Pia-Maria, founder of Agile People and author of Agile People, specializes in driving organizational agility through HR, leadership, and motivation. She creates workplaces where employees perform better and feel engaged, contributing to successful transformations from both financial and human perspectives

Anders Frantz

Experienced in computer software, I specialize in operational development, lean-agile methodologies, coaching, project management, and mobile applications. As a graduate from Chalmers University of Technology, I have a background in Location Based Services and strong skills in product ownership.

Mikael Leinsköld

Mikal handles technical issues and course setup, offering his assistance with a positive attitude. He combines strong people skills with technical expertise. With entrepreneurial experience, he has successfully grown startups and learned from challenges faced along the journey.


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