Consulting & Coaching

To gain strategic flexibility, companies need to be able to learn and act fast. You need to have your people with you to implement new work methods and succeed with change.

We want to help you to create conditions for your company to deliver on your change processes and to become a learning organization with capabilities to innovate and continuously improve. Doing this right will be a competitive advantage as you learn faster than your competition.

Let Us Help You Overcome Your Challenges

Our strategic consulting and expertise support your journey toward business agility, guiding you through the challenges of change processes and focusing on an organizational culture where continuous improvement and innovation are at the center.

In today’s business landscape, most companies wish to become more flexible, respond quickly to changes, and meet market challenges efficiently, and we help our customers tackle these issues. We firmly believe that business agility engages employees, leading to more satisfied customers and increased delivery capacity and, thus, improved results. 





“Our collaboration with Agile People at Volvo Cars Retail Solution was a highly productive experience. Agile People helped pinpoint our operational inefficiencies and spearheaded a new, more effective approach to our product portfolio management.

Their insights into prioritization and technical decision-making led to significant improvements, equipping us with effective tools and strategies to address our challenges and drive continuous improvement.”

Customized Solutions

Our Consulting & Coaching services are tailored to your organization’s needs, helping you unlock potential, optimize operations, and achieve sustainable success. We provide strategic guidance and expertise to drive growth, address challenges, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.


Elevating Awareness for Change.
We help companies build awareness by highlighting the driving forces behind change, as understanding the WHY is the first step in a successful transformation.


Empowering Through Training.
We equip your team to understand, adapt, and lead change. Our customized training programs are designed specifically for your company’s needs.


Guidance through Change.
We provide support throughout your change journey. Our experienced coaches have a proven track record of helping companies to succeed with transformation through individual and group coaching.


Strategic Consulting.
Our consultants are dedicated to ensuring your company’s success throughout the change journey. They collaborate closely with your team, providing support on-site or remotely until your company fully integrates its new work processes.


Change and continuous improvement are ongoing journeys.


We provide consulting services focusing on your specific challenges and the drive for constant improvement. Our approach begins with in-depth assessments to identify organizational gaps and opportunities. Next, we provide customized training programs or coaching services that equip your employees with essential skills and knowledge. Our experienced consultants offer strategic advice and recommendations to drive growth and overcome challenges. 

We provide holistic solutions tailored to your needs, from process optimization to change management. We aim to foster a culture of continuous improvement, empower your workforce, and achieve sustainable success in partnership with you. Contact us to learn more!

I bring a strong analytical mindset, deep industry knowledge, and a proven ability to deliver impactful solutions for clients


We offer comprehensive coaching services that include coaching, peer learning, and facilitation.

Our skilled coaches provide personalized guidance to individuals and teams, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Through peer learning programs, participants engage in collaborative discussions, sharing experiences and learning from one another. Our expert facilitators ensure productive, outcome-oriented meetings, workshops, and group sessions. 

By combining coaching, peer learning, and facilitation, we foster personal and professional growth, enhance collaboration, and facilitate impactful group interactions. Contact us, and we will support you in creating a continuous learning, collaboration, and achievement culture.

I bring a unique blend of expertise, strategic thinking, and a proven track record to drive your organization's success.

Selected Assignments Showcasing Our Expertise

We have broad coaching and consulting experience. for you to get insight, we have selected a few: 

Partner With Our Consulting Team

Martin Berg

Martin brings over a decade of expertise as an agile coach and change management, dedicated to aiding organizations in refining their agile practices. His approach combines a keen understanding of human dynamics with his ability to craft flexible, resilient systems that encourage innovation and efficiency.

Martin’s objective is to empower organizations by tapping into human potential, preparing them for a better future. 

Ingela Moene

With a background as an HR Executive and experience in global HR and leadership development, Ingela is committed to supporting the enhancement of individual and organizational capabilities to attain Business Agility. She  believes in fostering a people-centric company culture to achieve strategic objectives faster.

Daniel Wester

With a strong passion for people and leadership development, Daniel is an experienced coach within Agile and Lean, and how to connect the methods and principles for tangible results. In client organizations, He’s good at helping people and teams move forward by building physiologically safe environments.

Pia-Maria Thorén

Pia-Maria, founder of Agile People and author of Agile People, specializes in driving organizational agility through HR, leadership, and motivation. She creates workplaces where employees perform better and feel engaged, contributing to successful transformations from both financial and human perspectives

Anders Frantz

Anders is an experienced organizational change enabler and leadership developer who is passionate about creating conditions for people and organizations to become their
best selves and gradually change the organizational system so that it harmonizes with the value creation. 

Our Customers

We are proud to have a diverse range of esteemed customers who have entrusted us with their growth and transformation journeys. From startups to multinational corporations, we have partnered with visionary leaders and dedicated teams across various industries.

Our customers value innovation, continuous improvement, and investing in their people. We have seen their achievements and the positive impact of our services. Their commitment to excellence, openness to change, and determination to stay ahead in a dynamic business landscape inspire us.

Our customers’ success is our success.

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Glad you want to learn more!

Hello! I am Martin, and I work with the core team at Agile People. I’d love to connect woth you and explore potential solutions.

You can write me an email or schedule a meeting to discuss further!

Glad you want to learn more!

Hello! I am Ingela, and I work with the core team at Agile People. I’d love to connect woth you and explore potential solutions.

You can write me an email or schedule a meeting to discuss further!