Organizational Agile Coaching

Agile People Coaches bring extensive experience to long-term assignments with our clients. For instance, we recently supported a digitalization initiative within an Automotive company’s retail organization.

Initially, our Agile Coach closely collaborated with teams to identify patterns and assess individual and organizational behaviors. The goal was to enhance business agility and overall performance. The Agile Coach used coaching, mentoring, guiding, facilitating, and training individuals, teams, middle management, and top management to address the findings, increase collaboration, and secure co-creation.

Our work facilitated continuous improvements across the entire company. We achieved this by establishing and leading a cross-functional guiding coalition that included representation from high-level C-level management. This approach led to gradual and experimental changes in the organization’s work processes, following a basic loop of activities:

    • Continuously evaluating the current level of business agility maturity.
    • Establishing, revisiting, and re-evaluating the vision and high-level objectives.
    • Establishing the following target condition that brings us closer to our vision and objectives.


Following this iterative approach ensured a clear focus on continuous improvement and alignment with the company’s overarching goals.

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