Improve your skills through our comprehensive professional training courses and programs.

We offer open-enrollment courses for individuals looking for personal development and customizable in-house training programs to match your business’s specific needs and enhance company capabilities.

Our Courses

We offer both online training and workshops in People and Business Agility. ICAgile accredits our courses, and some are available in several languages. More than 4500 people around the world have participated in our training programs. When delivering our courses, we use the concept of “Training from the back of the room,” a framework for brain-based learning that puts the learner in the centre when designing and delivering the learning experience.

Find the right course for you! Learn more by clicking on the courses below.

Business Agility

The Business Agility Foundations course is the perfect starting point to understand the shift in the thinking necessary to enable agility and embrace the agile mindset to gain business agility.

with Agility

Are you practicing the Leadership you aspire to? It does not happen by chance but by working continuously to improve and grow. To change others, you must start by being the change you want to see.

in HR

With the Agile HR course, you will understand how to deliver an attractive Employee Experience and transform your HR practice to fit organizational needs.

Leading & Growing

Our Leading & Growing People course will provide the skills you need to create thriving environments for individuals, teams, and teams of teams within an agile organization.

in Finance

Our Agility in Finance course will give you the skills Finance needs to drive Business Agility and operate in an Agile organization.  Learn how to navigate the shift from fixed budgets to incremental funding.

Our Programs

Are you looking to advance your career and learn the exciting world of Agile? Look no further! Our programs offer different tracks, with combined courses to give you in-depth knowledge in the area of your experience or interest. A strong foundation in Agile principles will enable you to grow in your current role or make you more attractive for future opportunities. Don’t miss out on this chance to take your career to the next level – enroll in one of our Agile programs today!

Find the right program for you! Learn more by clicking on the programs below.

Agility in Leadership

This program enables you to lead and navigate in an ever-changing business environment. To change others, you need to start with yourself, learn how to grow, and create a work environment where people can be their best.

Agile People Coach

In future work, Managers will need to take an Agile People Coaches’ role; to deeply understand and grow your people and to support the team to become high-performing. With this program, you will develop leadership competencies to understand what role you need to take in different situations.

Agility in HR

With this program, you will be able to understand how HR can support and drive organizational agility. To be able to deliver an attractive Employee Experience, you would need to truly understand organizational needs and how to develop people in an agile organization.

Practicing Agile
Leadership Program

This is a practical training where you will learn to use the leadership perspectives of the future based on an authentic and people-centric approach.

We believe that a course about agility needs to be agile in itself, giving you the ability to develop in your own phase.

Are you interested in a tailored
In-house program?

With our customizable in-house training programs, we prioritize meeting your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

Through close collaboration, we design a comprehensive training curriculum that aligns with your business goals.

Agile People Scheduled Training

At Agile People, we consistently offer online training sessions and in-person workshops. Our dedication is to ensure that every participant gains the knowledge and skills they seek, whether they’re joining us virtually or in person.

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Across the globe, our licensed, experienced trainers deliver our training courses and programs with the same dedication, and we are proud to have this global footprint. They frequently offer instruction in their native languages for localized understanding and relevance.

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Glad you want to learn more!

Hello! I am Ingela, and I work with the core team at Agile People. I’d love to connect woth you and explore potential solutions.

You can write me an email or schedule a meeting to discuss further!