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Discover something new at our ‘Swedish e-Fika’ every Wednesday at 15:00 CET. We explore a different topic over coffee each week, inviting lively discussions and fresh perspectives. 

Please bring your favorite drink and join us for a mid-week dive into engaging themes. It’s more than a break; it’s a space for connection and inspiration. Check out earlier conversations!

In this Agile People Fika session, we dive into the critical topic of finance and agility. The discussion centers on the vital need to decouple targets, forecast, and resource allocation in financial planning. We contrast traditional budgeting methods with agile approaches, highlighting how traditional methods often lead to inefficiencies and missed business opportunities. Key challenges...
Join us in the latest Agile People Fika podcast episode as we dive into the intriguing world of financial agility. We’ll be exploring the transformative concept of “decoupling” in financial management. Learn how traditional, rigid financial systems with annual budgets can limit organizational agility, and discover the benefits of a more dynamic approach. Get ready...

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