As a behavioral scientist and passionate agilist, I draw from the fields of Psychology, Behavioral Science, Complexity thinking, and Agile Coaching to help leaders and teams develop customized ways of collaborating and working that leads to a higher degree of business agility.

As a leadership and business agility coach, I help managers, leaders and HR professionals to develop proficiency in leading and coaching with agility.

An explorer at heart and passionate about learning, a key driver for me is curiosity… to constantly pursue innovation in ways of collaborating and working in the areas of Leadership, Team collaboration, and Agile HR.

I favor evidence-based, boundary spanning approach and believe strongly in exploring and experimenting with how ideas, methods, and principles from different fields and disciplines can cross boundaries and form fresh solutions to the complex problems we are dealing with today.

Co-author of the Agile People Manifesto (, a key contributor to the Agile People course portfolio, and co-author of Agile People’s Leadership course – Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA).

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Hello! I am Ingela, and I work with the core team at Agile People. I’d love to connect woth you and explore potential solutions.

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