In this episode, we have the fantastic Michele Stone interviewing the nomadic inspiration that is Michaela Broeckx on her chapter of the Agile People Principles book on ‘Optimizing for the Whole’.

Michele resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has over 25 years of experience building teams, mentoring individual contributors, managers, and executives in methodologies and principles that foster a culture and ownership. Michele is a successful and award winning entrepreneur with a focus on working with leaders to nurture a healthy, dynamic, collaborative Agile transformation of their teams and organization. She collaborates with global thought leaders to further the conversation about the need for change on how we approach our work. Michele and her husband James are contributing authors to The Agile People Manifesto.

Her passion is helping people deliver excellent value while loving what they do!

Michaela is a mom, a sister, a daughter, a wife…

…and she’s also a spirited Agile/Lean coach and Agile Trainer, gifted with a natural flair for interpersonal & intercultural communication, and with an extensive track record in the a great variety of industries. She’s an Agile People HR facilitator as well as an enterprise transformation coach, working for various customers for Ordina Belgium. Throughout her career, she took on various other roles, like HR Project Lead, corporate trainer, team performance coach, practise manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and consultant. Apart from that, she leads a not for profit initiative that supports schooling and health projects in Bihar, India (Anandvzw).

And what she loves about Agile, is that it focuses on the human connection. To tackle challenges and cleverly respond to change, we must combine our collective brains and join our efforts to optimize for the whole.

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