Jenny is an Agile People Coach who really believes in what she does and is passionate about it. Therefore she never gives up; she just looks for other ways on the journey! She likes to learn, and she learns something new every day, and she tries to pass it forward. She adapts to her audience, starts from where they are, and tries to live as she teaches.

Coaching leaders in new ways of working, with an agile approach, and helping them coach employees, is what she is most passionate about! All “soft questions” interest her, such as self-leadership, internal driving forces, and other personal development topics.

She has been an Agile coach since 2012, and what a personal journey it has been! At first she coached teams and understood early that we need to coach all managers and involve HR, finance and controllers, because Agile is not just another method – it affects the whole organization. Most of all, she understood that the most important thing is the interaction between people and cultural change. That’s why she became an Agile People Coach and not just an Agile Coach.

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Hello! I am Ingela, and I work with the core team at Agile People. I’d love to connect woth you and explore potential solutions.

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