Agile People Speaks at Agile Tour Vilnius 2023

Agile People returns as a featured speaker at Agile Tour Vilnius 2023. This year, the topic of our speech was “It Needs to Be a Mess,” co-hosted with David Symhovens, where we explored the intricate world of modern organizations


Shades of Complexity

In our talk, we first dived into the world of organizations, which, as we emphasized, is far from black and white. Instead, it resembles a vivid tapestry of shades of gray where opposing polarities coexist. In a landscape with no one-size-fits-all solution, every decision ripples with consequences, some expected, others not. We stressed that authentic leadership involves embracing the tension between the known and the unknown.


Unconventional Storytelling

We presented our ideas unconventionally, employing the power of storytelling alongside our animated companion, Vige, whose captivating journey can be followed at This approach and a real-world context held the audience’s attention from start to finish.


A Remarkable Response

The feedback we received from our fellow attendees was nothing short of heartwarming. One participant expressed appreciation, saying, “Thank you for sharing the presentation; this is top of the art for me. I loved the Vige journey, and thank you for the answers; it was a remarkable experience for me at the conference!” We felt this feedback reinforced the value of our storytelling, as did the insights we shared.


The Essence of Our Message

At the core of our talk lies a pivotal message: organizations are living communication ecosystems shaped by the decisions they make and influenced by the perceptions of those within. Whether it’s dissent, conflict, agreement, or indifference, these factors contribute to the complexity of organizational life. To thrive in this ever-evolving landscape, we stressed the importance of avoiding restrictions on actions and the creation of polarization, as these hinder effectiveness and resilience. Our key takeaway is that embracing the messiness is the path to success.


Practical Principles

In addition to our insights, we introduced a set of principles designed to guide individuals and organizations through the complexities we discussed. These principles are a practical roadmap for fostering better communication, understanding, and adaptability in a dynamic world.

In conclusion, “It Needs to Be a Mess” offered a fresh perspective on the intricate world of organizational dynamics. David and I demonstrated that in an uncertain environment, organizations can learn to navigate the chaos and discover its beauty.

Our different presentation style and the richness of our content left a strong mark at Agile Tour Vilnius 2023, reminding us that, in an increasingly complex world, embracing the mess can be the pathway to success.

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