Alignment and autonomy – it needs to be a mess

A few weeks ago, I wrote a short LinkedIn post on alignment and autonomy as being a polarity and not an either-or situation. I got good feedback and reflections on this. Below I will explain my reasoning on why I view these as a polarity to each other and more how to find strategies to […]

Coaching for Collaboration

Introduction This case study examines the transformative journey of a newly formed cross-continental Leadership Team (LT) with a few new members and new roles within an organization. The leader recognized the need for improved collaboration, trust-building, and coaching culture development. They embarked on a systemic team coaching intervention to address these challenges, engaging the expertise […]

Agile People Speaks at Agile Tour Vilnius 2023

Agile People returns as a featured speaker at Agile Tour Vilnius 2023. This year, the topic of our speech was “It Needs to Be a Mess,” co-hosted with David Symhovens, where we explored the intricate world of modern organizations Shades of Complexity In our talk, we first dived into the world of organizations, which, as […]

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