Agile Leadership

Leading and navigating when we do not know the answer

Practicing Agile Leadership “PAL”

What you will learn

  • Full understanding of agile values, principles, and ways of working
  • The eight Agile Leadership roles
  • Growing and developing your people to create high customer satisfaction, productivity, and profits
  • An understanding of how different situations require different leadership approaches
  • Choosing the right approach to interact with different people
  • The right tools to practice human-centric leadership
  • A great ability to lead yourself
  • The future requirements for leadership
  • How engaged employees affect your bottom line


PAL is a practical training where you will learn to use the leadership perspectives of the future based on an authentic and people-centric approach.

We believe that a course about agility needs to be agile in itself. Therefore, you will get to answer questions about your situation and organization before the course. We will adapt the course along the way based on your answers and the interactions during the course.

Why choose this training?

The four following aspects are fundamental parts of a successful organization today. Participating in this course, you will learn to integrate and strengthen these in your leadership and organization.

1. Flexible Organization

Agile work enables you and your organization to adapt quickly to changes. It allows you as a leader to:
  • work more strategically as decisions are taken by those affected by them
  • reduce your daily operational work.

2. Continuous Learning

Continuous development and learning are crucial to innovation and organizational learning. It becomes a competitive advantage when you and your organization can build competencies and move quicker than your competition.

3. Customer Focus

As a leader, you grow people, provide them with the right capabilities to do their job, and design work around the customers. This way, people feel empowered, which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

4. Attractive Employer

To attract and retain your people, you as a leader must secure a great people experience and see and treat people for who they are. The people in your organization will determine the success or failure of your business as they deliver your customer experience.

Things keep changing and sometimes fast. To help you to get more clear in your leadership, the eight roles of an Agile People Leader can make all the difference in the world. It helps you feel more confident in your role. It also improves your performance as a leader in challenging and changing situations. You will learn to get really good at using these roles during the course.

Course OKRs

Having a clear direction is essential for successful agility. One of the tools for a clear direction are Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This course has four main objectives:

  • You have full insight and understanding of agile values, principles, and ways of working, as well as the right tools to practice human-centric leadership.
  • You understand how engaged employees affect your bottom line. You grow and develop your people to create high customer satisfaction, productivity, and profits.
  • You are equipped with the future requirement for leadership, the eight Agile Leadership roles, and an understanding of how different situations require different leadership approaches.
  • You have a great ability to lead yourself, which leads to an improved ability to read and understand other people and choose the right approach to interact with them.

During the course, you will learn to use OKRs for yourself, your team, and your organization.

What Makes This Training Different

  • We perform individual interviews with all participants to tailor the training to the needs and experiences of the group.
  • All participants are expected to set up a learning plan (OKRs) for the program, and the development is followed up through the program.
  • We invite you to Agile People Community, an international network, and to our monthly Agile People Events.
  • We have the competency and extensive experience to follow you and your organization through your agile transformation process, and offer
    • Training and development of your people & organization
    • Coaching of individuals or teams
    • Inspirational keynote talks
    • Consulting services

Who the course is for

  • Are you a leader that feels that you need to change because of changing circumstances?

  • Are you a manager who wants to be a great leader in agile contexts?

  • Are you a person who is technically skilled, but you want to develop your ability to motivate and relate to people?

If you answer yes to one or more of the above, this course was created for you. We look forward to your application to the course.

This course is highly practical with real-world stuff that you can use. 

Getting good at using the eight roles of an agile people leader is the backbone of the course. 

In addition, we have chosen to focus on agile tools and concepts that support these roles. Things such as:

Course content

  • The Agile Mindset, Values, and Principles
  • Theory X & Y
  • Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
  • Learner vs. Judger Mindset
  • Self-organizing Teams
  • The 4 Selves
  • The 4 Biases
  • The Ladder of Inference
  • Psychological Safety
  • Cynefin
  • Safe to Fail Experiments
  • Leading vs Lagging Indicators
  • A People-Centric Organization
  • Mind Traps
  • Interpersonal Mush
  • Unconscious Communication

If this sounds like a lot of buzz words to you, fear not, contact us, and you can still participate successfully in the course.

Time Line

The course typically ranges over 5 days spread out over time, the scheduling is flexible depending on public or in-house training, and parts can be done virtually.

Your Instructors

Peter Wanselius

Peter Wanselius has worked with developing leadership, organizational cultur, and company brands in different types of organizations. He runs his own business, React Consulting, and is an experienced management coach, working with coaching of individuals and management groups.

In his coaching work, he works close to mangers to improve team performance by using pro-active development processes. Peter also supports people, groups and organizations to solve conflicts.
Peter is an Agile People Coach and also delivers events at his own facilities, like kick-offs, team development, etc.

Markus Amanto

Markus Amanto has worked with improving leaders, teams, and organizations in Asia, Europe, and North America for over 25 years. His clients have included Kongsberg Automotive, Pitney Bowes, Tetra Pak, AstraZeneca, and KPMG.

His bestselling online courses on leadership have been studied by more than 80 000 learners worldwide since 2017.

Markus is ICAgile certified for Leadership, Agile People Development, and Business Agility Foundation.

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