Finance As A Driver for Business Agility

Finance As A Driver for Business Agility

Our Agility in Finance course will give the skills Finance needs to drive Business Agility in the organization. The training will cover how Finance operates in an Agile organization and how to navigate the shift from fixed budgets to incremental funding.

We will run the first training on October 5-6, 2023, in Stockholm, Sweden. Rikard Olsson, Beyond Budgeting, Knut Fahlén, Ekan Management, will facilitate the 2-day workshop.

By embracing Agile practices and aligning financial processes with agile principles, Finance becomes a powerful enabler of business agility. With Agile Finance, organizations can swiftly adapt and respond to changing market demands, unlocking growth opportunities and ensuring long-term success.

Beyond Budgeting is a management philosophy that challenges traditional budgeting processes. It advocates for flexibility and adaptability in management practices, acknowledging that traditional approaches can be rigid, time-consuming, and disconnected from the realities of a rapidly changing business environment.

You will learn the following:

  • How financial reporting practices can be adapted to support Business Agility by implementing agile budgeting, forecasting, and adopting reporting cycles aligned with business cycles
  • How to adapt traditional financial practices to support Business Agility; implementing alternative approaches like rolling forecasts, dynamic budgeting, and flexible resource allocation
  • How to transition from fixed budgets to incremental funding models budgets, enabling organizations to allocate resources more dynamically and respond effectively to changing priorities and requirements
  • How to apply Agile principles and Accounting by aligning resource allocation with accountability, collaboration, adaptability, and customer focus and maintaining ethical standards for transparency, fairness, and compliance

By implementing, the Beyond Budgeting concept, organizations gain the agility needed to navigate complex and uncertain business environments, ultimately driving sustainable growth and success.

Read more about the training on the course description page.

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