Workshop to Increase Agile Mindset & Agile Leadership Skills

Workshop To Increase Agile Mindset & Agile Leadership Skills

A Norwegian consulting firm recognized the need to foster an agile mindset and enhance leadership capabilities within its organization. They engaged Agile People to design and deliver a 1-day workshop to increase agility and empower leaders to drive innovation. The workshop would focus on embracing change, fostering collaboration, and enhancing decision-making in a dynamic business environment.

Agile People thoroughly researched the company’s organizational culture, leadership challenges, and desired outcomes. They collaborated closely with the company’s HR and Learning & Development team to align the workshop content with strategic objectives.

The workshop was carefully designed to balance theoretical knowledge and practical application. The facilitator selected interactive activities, case studies, and group discussions to ensure an engaging and impactful learning experience. They integrated elements of agile methodologies such OKRs and Agile Strategy to help participants understand and apply agile principles in their leadership roles.

The facilitator emphasized the importance of post-workshop follow-up to ensure sustainable learning and implementation.

By facilitating a workshop focused on increasing agile mindset and leadership, the company successfully empowered its leaders to start the journey to navigate change. 

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